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Tag: Splatoon

We Review: Splatoon 2

Can it have been two years since the original Splatoon came to us in a spurt of glorious, riotous colour and 4-on-4 mayhem? Wow…time flies! Well, the inklings are back in Splatoon 2 with a new adventure with new toys (read: weapons), gear, and opponents to fight, as well as new Splatfests and even a few new modes of play. And all of this on the Nintendo Switch, a console far more popular than its older, neglected awesome brother, the Wii U. Grab your super soakers and meet me in the Underpass for some cephalopod on cephalopod action.

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Announcing the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo held its press event to announce its new video game console, the Nintendo Switch on 3 March this year. The presentation, which you can watch in its entirety here, is about an hour long. But we watched it so you don’t have to, and here are the highlights of what you can take away from it.

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We Review: Splatoon

It’s not every day that big video game companies create new IP, instead preferring to rely on the name impact of existing, highly successful titles instead. This is why Mario has his face on so many Nintendo titles. Creating new IP is adding extra risk to what is, admittedly, a highly costly business. So it’s with no surprise, really, that we learn that Mario was originally supposed to be the face of Splatoon, Nintendo’s new third-person online battle arena game. I fill my super soaker with multicoloured ink, dunk my paint roller, and head for the urban parkways to see what Splatoon is all about.

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