Competitive Dodgeball in Asia

I wasn’t aware that dodgeball was such a highly competitive sport until I watched this video of two teams of schoolkids playing. The video is far more fascinating and watchable than you’d think, too. This naturally meant I needed to go research, so off I toddled. Turns out that Asian dodgeball isn’t the same as American dodgeball; the sport in the video seems more formalized, and with a single ball, although it seems that there are a decent number of variants. The video below features Japan (in blue) vs Hong Kong (red, obviously), and the game is absolutely brilliant. Makes me wish I played this variant as a kid at school.

And of course, if you want some more, here’s a video from the Japanese Nationals.

(Via: WTF Japan Seriously)

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Zapatou’s “Best of Web 6” is an Adrenaline-Fueled Thrill Ride

You’ll remember Luc Bergeron (aka Zapatou) for creating wonderful mashups from popular videos. In the latest of his Best of Web series, Bergeron combines 253 clips into a mega mashup that’s sure to thrill you. Check out “Best of Web 6” below.

The complete list of contributing videos can be found here.

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People Are Awesome!

Human beings are capable of so many things, and being awesome is one of them. Here is a compilation of different clips that shows how very crazy, athletic, and awesome we can be.

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Star Wars Brand Logos

In a world full of knock-offs, Kiwi illustrator Barn Bocock of How to Carve Roast Unicorn creates some clever Star Wars-themed brands that we’d certainly like to wear. Have a look at Bocock’s series of parodied logos after the jump.

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Top 10 Best Jumps Ever!

Humankind is capable of amazing feats in realms of science, medicine, engineering, technology, and a whole lot of other -logies. This extends to the world of sport which has its fair share of loonies out to perform the biggest, baddest, most extreme stunts. From BASE jumping into the Cave of Swallows to high flying squirrels to Travis Pastrana to an airforce officer who is crazier than boatload of epileptics, this compilation of awesome jumps is a homage to extreme sports.

Hit the jump to see more footage from the #1 best jump and another one that I think should have been included in the list.


Bafunny Bafunny: The Dream Team of Comedy

This is the dream team of comedy. Eight of South Africa’s finest comedians have come together for a tour of the country ahead of a big soccer event that you or may not have heard of. Our local soccer team probably won’t make it very far, so if you want to back a winning side, give your support to Bafunny Bafunny. Check out the trailer below.

More details after the jump.

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F for Fail: Cheerleading Bloopers

Normally cheerleaders (even the male ones) are super-accurate when it comes to executing their routines. However, there are times when the stacks go wrong and cheerleaders come tumbling down. This is a compilation of those moments. Enjoy.