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Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

CollegeHumour parodies a popular maker of ready-to-assemble furniture in their series of DIY manuals. In addition to the to Ikea beds, tables, and shelves, College Humour creates instructions for putting together some rather interesting products that we truly wish were real. Hit the jump to see the Ikea manuals for the DJILORIANN, LITSABBUR, TJARDIIS, and DINDASUR.


Pimp my AT-AT

Reminiscent of Brandon Ortwein’s It Would Have Been Cooler As A Van series of illustrations, Glaswegian graphic designer, Seven_Hundred, is pimping the rides belonging to the Galactic Empire. In his latest series of mashups, he applies the paint-jobs of famous vehicles seen on TV, film, and video games to the behemoth AT-AT walkers. Have a look at some of his creations after the jump.

Arty Cartoons & Comics

Sci-fi Films Re-Imagined as Tintin Covers

You may remember an earlier post on the wonderful illustration by Dan Hipp, or MISTERHIPP as he is called. Hipp has applied his considerable illustration skills to re-imagining popular sci-fi films as covers of the adventures comics that I love to read as a child. Hit the jump to see Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock take on the baddies in Tintin Shot First, Clue to the Grid, and The Hugged Face.

Featured Game Reviews

We Review: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

LEGO Star Wars III: Clone Wars is the latest in a series of games that make the unlikely mix between the famous toy and famous movies. The game itself follows the first two seasons of the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series on television (which I have to admit, to my chagrin, I have never watched. I am the world’s worst Star Wars fan). Find out whether the game is a brick-building success or a brick-breaking mess after the jump.

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Best Gang Fight Ever!

A search for gang fights on YouTube reveals several thousands of clips, which are probably very serious and most likely dangerous. This particular clip stands out from the crowd, not that you’d know it from the beginning. At first I was like meh, but then it floored me.

[via Moviefone]

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Samurai Star Wars!

In his series “Samurai Wars” artist Steve Bialik imagines some of the classic Star Wars character as if they existed in 17th century Fuedal Japan. The character portraits are reportedly in the style of ukiyo-e, a genre of woodblock prints, of which the most famous that I know of is The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai (although he created his masterpiece in the mid 1800s).

Bialik imagines Han Solo as a deadly samurai and his acquaintance Chewie looks suspiciously like an ouni, which according to Japanese folklore is a an extremely hairy mountain hag with a mouth that goes from ear to ear. Leia takes the guise of a beautiful geisha and Obi Wan is a sage, lightsaber-wielding monk. Have a look at his Samurai Wars series after the cut.

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The A to Z of Star Wars

If you liked Jess Bradley’s rather odd alphabet, you might enjoy this themed one too.

When illustrators Brandon Peat and his wife Emma were expecting their first child they needed to decorate their baby’s room. Playing to their strengths they decided to create an illustrated alphabet from a galaxy far, far away. They based in on the characters from a beloved space opera, Star Wars.

Have a look at their super-cute alphabet after the jump.


Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

If you liked Cliff Chiang’s fantastic Star Wars propaganda posters you may love this series of travel-themed posters by graphic designer Steve Thomas.

Inspired by vintage travel posters from the early 20th century his works make a holiday to a galaxy far, far away look so very enticing.

There are eight travel posters in Thomas’ set. Have a look at them after the jump.

Featured Game Reviews

We Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Let’s begin with a simple question, your answer will determine whether you will enjoy this game or not. What colour is Darth Vader’s lightsaber?

Is it…

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Can we start hacking people up with it yet
  4. Meh… who cares

If you answered blue, you might be confused. Anakin Skywalker used a blue lightsaber and when he is turned to the dark side gives it up for a red saber, the colour favoured by Sith Lords. I knew I was going to have trouble liking this game about two minutes in when, in a stunning consistency error, a ‘memory segment’ shows Vader stabbing our hero with a… blue lightsaber. Shudder! How can a company that only works on Star Wars games commit such an obvious error? Well once you have played the game from start to finish you may have your answer. To my mind this game lacked polish, and whilst enjoyable it needed refinement. Maybe they rushed it out? Who knows, but let’s be honest this is a mediocre game. I’ll tell you why I think that, after the jump.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

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Cute Hello Kitty Crossovers

As a tribute to George Lucas, illustrator Joseph Senior from New Zealand decided to combine his love of Star Wars with an insanely popular bobtail cat from Japan. It was a genius idea and has led to him creating more Hello Kitty crossovers with icons from TV, movies, comics, and video games. Have a look at some of his work after the jump.