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Will You Be My Ghoul Friend?

Monsters need some love, too. And back in the 60s, the Topps candy company tasked the late pulp artist Norman Saunders with painting a series of cards called Frankenstein Valentine Stickers.

Saunders painted iconic monsters from TV and film together with the cute, punny, and creepy pick-up lines they might try on the opposite sex. Mole Man has eyes for your silky skin, while Dracula vants you in vein, and all Zacherle hopes for is a ghoul friend.

Have a look at the Frankenstein Valentine Stickers after the jump.


Fuck This Website

If you thought In the Butt was rad, chances are you’ll like this. One day Bodhi Oser had an idea that quickly turned into an obsession, and ended up with a book. Fuck This Book follows Oser as he tries to drop the F-bomb on as much public signage as possible. The concept is terribly juvenile but the results must have been hilarious as the book sold over 70,000 copies sold worldwide.

Oser also started a website to encourage people to make submit their own FUCK-ups.

See more at Fuck This Website.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Sticky Situation: In The Butt

Sarah Claspell and Evan Pohl have a goal. They print stickers, and stick them onto things, aiming to prove the age-old adage “everything’s funnier in the butt.”

Hit the jump for mo’ butts.