Arty Cautionary Tales Video Clips

The Arctic Circle

About two years ago, animator Kevin Parry created a stark stop-motion film The Arctic Circle that explores greed, power, and how the thirst for power can become all-consuming.

In the desolate landscape of The Arctic Circle, our nameless protagonist cranks away at a tree until a fruit is formed and is ready for harvesting. His menial existence is changed one day when a mysterious box appears…

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Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

Address is Approximate

If you enjoyed the Cinemascapes by Aaron Hobson, you may like the direction that Address is Approximate takes.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mk II, Address is Approximate is an endearing (and a tad depressing) short film that was produced, animated, and edited by Tom Jenkins of UK-based production company, The Theory. The stop-motion animation tells the story of a cute toy robot who uses Google Street View to trade the confines of the office for a driving adventure along the Pacific coast of the United States.

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Animal Kingdom Arty Cartoons & Comics Video Clips

The Adventures of Robot Elephant!

A school student is attending a biology lecture that so happens to be terminally boring (been there, snored through that). To pass the time, this student uses the pages of his notebook to draw out the adventures of a very cute, very special elephant. The stop-motion animation is a tad slow to begin but it then becomes quite a blast. Check out epic doodle that is (Notes on) Biology.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Movies Video Clips

Inception Re-Told in Vintage Paper Cutouts

In the Done in 60 Seconds competition hosted by Jameson and Empire Magazine, entrants are tasked with remaking a movie within the confines of a minute. As his entry into the competition, artist Wolfgang Matzl chose to re-tell the dreamy story of Inception using a collection of 19th century-styled paper cutouts. Have a look at his fantastic stop-motion animation below.

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Arty Video Clips

Sticking Close to You

Sticky notes don’t have a great life. Many are used and discarded every single business day. There is no chance of escape from this menial existence and there are certainly no travel benefits. In this little stop-motion animation created by Bang-Yao Liu, who you may remember for the awesome DEADLINE, one lucky stick notes traveller goes on a holiday that working class people like me can only dream of. Check out Sticking Close to You below.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Video Clips

Five Fantastic Time-Lapse Videos

We like time-lapse videos here at Onelargeprawn. It’s been an age since we did a compilation of any sort andtToday seems like a good time as any and we’ve hunted the world wide webs to bring you not one, not two, but five time-lapse videos. Honestly, we love you that much.

Our first video comes from Vimeo user Fran├žois Vautier who had a clear case of ants in his pants scanner. He scanned the nest once a week for five years.

Hit the jump for the remainder of the videos.

Awesomeness Featured Gaming News Video Clips

Mortal Kombat Paperalities!

We’ve seen some great things done in papercraft and Eric Power’s latest effort is killer stuff. The animator is a keen fan of fighting games and considers Mortal Kombat to be the epitome of the genre. The fatalities introduced in the game were bloody, and gratuitous, and sent chills down our spines, especially when fighting against Sub-Zero.

Power pays homage to Mortal Kombat by lovingly recreating some of the finishing moves using paper. Have a look at his stop-motion paperalities below.

See more of Power’s work at ericpowerup.

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Arty Cautionary Tales Video Clips Weirdness


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably zoned out of the semi-final football match going on right now. It’s ok though, Paul the psychic cephalopod has already predicted a Spanish win. I hope for his sake he is wrong, lest the staff at Sea Life in Oberhausen, Germany will be dining on octopus soup in the canteen tomorrow.

In any case, if you’d like to take your mind off the footy and contemplate something more abstract, then have a look at this stop-motion street art short by Italian graffiti artist, BLU. In BIG BANG BIG BOOM, he takes a look at the cyclical nature of evolution. It’s typically BLU, so it’s quite odd but very impressive.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Video Clips

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

As a final project for an art course, UK student Jamie Bell imaginatively created a flipbook video that humourously chronicles the history of our universe. Three weeks and 2100 pages later, Bell’s magnum opus, “A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything” was born.

It’s so much fun to watch, and I can imagine Jamie had just as a good a time making it. He got full marks for it. Check it out below, don’t blink though you might miss something.

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Arty Movies

T-Shirt War

Two lads named Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are at war. They’re not using the traditional munitions though, their heated battle is fought using t-shirts, over 200 of them. It makes for an entertaining stop-motion film. Check it out below.

If you’re so inclined you can buy the tees used in the film at the Rhett & Link store.

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