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We Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

It’s been a decent few years for reboots of old gaming franchises, from Syndicate to Duke Nukem to just about anything in-between. The latest game to receive this sort of treatment is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a reboot of the 90s game series, XCOM. The original series was an amazing tour-de-force of strategy gaming, and set an incredible bar for other games in the genre. Let’s see if the reboot is worthy of its ancestors.

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Flash Game Friday: Neon Maze

A little late, but there’s still a good few hours of work to be wasted today and this little gem may just keep you occupied til you knock off.

In a similar theme to the Hue Test I posted earlier, Neon Maze is a colour-based puzzle/strategy game where you need to guide your ship through a glowing labyrinth to the exit. The coloured walls aren’t just for show – you’ll need to change your ship’s colour to that of the wall to pass through it, for example, touch a red gear to colour your ship red, and move through red walls. Touching a wall that is a different colour that your ship will result in a shock and a reduction in the points you’ll get at the end of the level.

Anyone who has trouble with colour perception (oooh ooh pick me!) may have some difficulty with this game.

Try get through 25 levels of Neon Maze at Newsgrounds.

[via Jay is Games]

Flash Games

Be the Dominant Species with Phage Wars

To beat a parasite you need to think like a parasite, and in Phage Wars you need to spread yourself like a communicable disease. Send out your parasites and infect other cells to slowly build up your genetic payload. Once you’ve cleared the level of rival pathogens, you will become the “Dominant Species”.

When you start the game, you’ll need to choose one of 8 species to play with. Each species comes with their own level of strength, speed, and agility so choose wisely. The number in each cell indicates the amount of living organisms contained in that cell and if you want your species to claim it, you must beat that number by sending parasites from your own cell to that cell.

Go forth and multiply – play Phage Wars at Armor Games. Let us know how you fared.