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Moscow’s Subway-Riding Stray Dogs

The subways of Moscow are not only used by people. Some of the stray dogs who live on the outskirts of the city have learned how to use the transport system to ride into the centre of town, scavenge food, and then to return to the suburbs.

The dogs choose the less-crowded cars, and can be seen napping on the floors and on empty seats, or wandering amongst the commuters. Muscovites seem to tolerate the dogs, and in one station, there is a bronze statue dedicated to a stray who was stabbed to death by a heartless person. They rub its shiny nose for good luck.

Of the some 30,000 strays in Moscow, scientists seem to think that only a few have managed to master the subway routes by using the sights, smells, and announcements to figure out where they are and where they need to be. Some of the dogs have figured out where to sit to increase their chances of being fed. Others it seems are more cunning, and resort to sneaking up behind unsuspecting Muscovites and barking loudly so that they drop whatever food they may be eating. Some residents are incensed about the presense of the street-smart strays and want them deported, while others are pragmatic, asking people to learn to live with them.

Have a look at an ABC News report on the subway-riding dogs of Moscow.

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Kiev, Ukraine: The Homeless And Their Dogs

How sad is this? This lady lives with a handful of homeless people in an abandoned house in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. She and the homeless people share their house with 70+ stray dogs that the lady cares for. Whilst the lady has a small flat of her own, she chooses to live in the building with no electricity or a heating system because there is enough space for all the dogs.

On the weekends she and a few of the homeless people travel to downtown Kiev to collect money to feed themselves and their dogs. She hopes one days that someone wealthy will see the hardships she’s facing and donate enough money for her to get electricity to the house and to buy enough food.

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