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Tag: suicide

Pizza Boomerang is Deadly to Penises

Picture the scene. A He-Man-esque super hero waits patiently for his pizza to warm up in the microwave. Fearing the fast food might be a little too hot, our hero flings it from his home planet towards the earth. Thus begins the utterly bizarre journey of Pizza Boomerang, a pizza so epic that it could slice your penis off.

[thanks Andy!]

Death is Fun: Play Super Karoshi

Do feel so overworked that you just want to die? If death by painful spikes is a reprieve from your job, then I’ve got a game for YOU.

Created by Jesse Venbrux, Super Karoshi a suicide-themed platform-puzzler where you must guide your office worker to the end of the level by – you guessed it – killing yourself. It’s counter-intuitive but a whole lot of fun – and blood and guts. Death await in the 60 levels of this game – it’s sure to kill your productivity. :yes:

Play Super Karoshi at Kongregate.

[via Jay is Games]