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The Long LOST Tarot Cards

Graphic designer Alex Griendling hails from Kentucky and must like me, be pretty much obsessed by the all -consuming and awful brilliance that is LOST.

Alex has artfully created a set of Tarot cards that represents some of the main characters and of course the island. Each card is beautifully and darkly designed in a smoke and mirrors sort of way, and symbolizes each character’s essence and being. For those who aren’t sure what tarot cards have to do with anything, tarot cards were originally used for playing innocent card games, but over the centuries¬† have taken on a more esoteric and mystical function and are now used to tell fortunes. You can read all about traditional tarot decks and their uses here. As far as what tarot cards have to do with LOST, your guess is as good as mine, but none-the-less they seem to fit perfectly with the freakishly weird mysticism and twisted ideology that envelops possibly the best TV show ever made.

If you haven’t watched a lick of LOST, then (I feel sorry for you LOSER) tread carefully as there may be spoilers. See the full list of LOST tarot cards after the jump.