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Tattoos run the gamut from the utterly ridiculous, to fail territory, to the sublime. It’s the job of Toby at LOLTATZ to capture stupidly awesome tattoos for posterity. The captions are delightful too, have a look at some of them after the jump.


Mike Giant

I did not know this. And now I am enlightened. Born near sighted and colour blind, Mike Giant is now a celebrated tattooist, illustrator, and graffiti artist. A master of the black and white image, Giant draws inspiration (I almost wrote constipation, my bad.) from “cholo” life, Mexican folk art, and Japanese illustration. See some of his art below [NSFW].

Behold the sharpie power of Mike Giant after the jump.

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Forever Fail: Misspelled Tattoos

I like tattoos and I’d be covered in them if I didn’t like the pain that comes with getting one done. Then again, pain is part of the ritual I’m told. I have a minimal tolerance to any type of pain and thus tend to admire other peoples’ tattoos.

Whilst some tattoos can be absolutely awesome – Lucy Furr has a detailed one of the goddess Lakshmi on her back – others can be downright hideous and a permanent reminder of the mistake that was made. And nothing says forever FAIL quite like a misspelled tattoo ;-)

More misspelled tattoo goodness at Oddee.

BONUS: If you missed it, check out an earlier post on Russian Tattoo Fail.

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More Horrific Russian Tats: Kitty Gets Inked

Just the other day we posted an article on tattoos that look like they were done by the number two tattoo artist of all Kazakhstan.

We’ve seen people do some crazy things, and it’s all good when they do them to themselves, but we draw the line when they start doing crazy shit to defenseless animals. A heartless Russian Sphynx owner had their beautiful white cat emblazoned with a large (and pretty crappy) Egyptian-style tattoo. I hope that someone grabs the nasty woman and tattoos an equally large and crappy tattoo on her chest against her will.

If you couldn’t tell by the in-you-face watermark, you can find more images at Balkanpix – via Neatorama.

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Alt Porn With The Suicide Girls

“Alt Porn” (naked women with tattoos and/or neon-colored hair) is commonplace now. The Suicide Girls kicked off the movement, making even more pictures of naked girls available on the Interwebs. They are hardly alternative – most of these pinup vixens look like models but you can’t please everyone I suppose. Since their inception many copycat sites have sprung up, but the Suicide Girls will always hold a special place in people’s pants hearts (at USD 4.00 a month).

Here’s a small gallery.

77 sexy Suicide Girls can be seen at COED Magazine.

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Marked Men: The Meaning of Prison Tats

You’ve seen them in countless movies, heck you’ve even witnessed Michael Scoefield use them to escape in Prison Break. Prison-made tattoos are a form of communication for inmates, and telling each other about gang affiliations, prison status, family bonds, and spiritual beliefs.

Here are some shots from a collection by Peter Wollheim.

With tattoos dating back to age 13, this inmate was working toward a “full shirt” of tattoos — chest, back and arms fully tattooed. The Harley-Davidson Evolution motorcycle commemorates the beloved, customized bike his ex-wife sold in their divorce.

This 24-year-old inmate got his small teardrop tattoo at age 15 and says it means “somebody’s mother doesn’t have a son anymore.” The dragon and demon emerging from slits rendered in his chest (left and right) are common prison tattoos and generally represent the wearer’s evil nature breaking out and causing harm.

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Sex Souvenirs: Woman Carves Name Into One-Night-Stand Partner

Dominique Fisher is madder than a bag of ferrets. After meeting random man Wayne Robinson in Blackpool UK, she invited him to go to her flat in Blackburn  the next day, for a “cup of tea”. Being the sex-loving type, Wayne happily agreed, and after the festivities, promptly went to bed. Drunk-as-fuck, he slept soundly through the night. And in the morning he woke up, not to breakfast in bed, but to find that she had carved “Dominique” on his right shoulder! He also had multiple slashes on his left shoulder and arm and a star design on his back.

Horrified Wayne had this to say about being branded:

“When I woke I was covered in blood. Dominique was snoring. I just had to get out of there. I didn’t even wake her to ask what she’d done.”

“I’m scarred for life. I wish I’d never met her. I thought I was going there for a good time and if I’d known what was going to happen I’d never have gone near her flat.”

Full article at The Sun.


The Fingerstache

The act of drawing (or tattooing if you’re feeling frivolous) a “cartoon-ish” moustache on the inside of your index finger and then holding the finger to your upper lip.

Let us know if you’ve made a fingerstache and we’ll put it up here.

More at a site dedicated to fingerstachers everywhere.

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Mug Shots Of The Year

The discerning writers (all three of them) at The Smoking Gun selected 20 booking photos selected from among the tens of thousands to bring you the 2008 Mug Shots of the Year.

Joker Busted


July 28 – Spencer Taylor (20), from Michigan was arrested for allegedly trying to steal Batman posters and other collectibles from a theater showing “The Dark Knight.” The cops made him pose for booking photos in and out of character.

Police Seek Morin (not Moron)


January 2 – Robert Morin (39) was being sought on a warrant for domestic assault. The above mug shot was taken on a previous arrest – Morin had become quite flexible after having removed his teeth.

Mug Shot Metamorphosis


December 4 – Michael Campbell (33) from Colorado has been in and out of jail between 2003 and 2008 and seems to have spent his time getting inked. The first set of photos show Campbell following a 2003 theft arrest; the second set shows Campbell booked six weeks ago. That polka dot bow tie is quite handsome.

See more mug shots at The Smoking Gun – via Blame it on the Voices.