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What Video Game Characters Do While You’re Sleeping

Imagine this likely scenario: The “I just need to get to the next save point” excuse has failed and you’ve had to switch your video game off and go to bed. Have you wondered what some of your favourite video game characters might be doing while you are sleeping? Me neither. But YouTube user slamacow imagines what their nighttime follies would be in this music video. Spoiler: they dance to bad techno music, but Nyan Cat makes an appearance so it’s not all bad.

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Entertainment Music Video Clips

MasterChef Synesthesia

Well this is a master class. Youtube user swedemason has taken a selection of soundbites from the cooking game show, MasterChef and created a wonderfully catchy techno tune.

The song, entitled MasterChef Synesthesia, features ingredients pudding expert Gregg Wallace expounding on his preferences for buttery biscuit bases and fellow host John Torode asking for a good dollop of “oomph”.

If you liked that, you may enjoy swedemason’s Jezza Rap.

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Around the World With Señor Coconut

Every day at work I suffer fools, or is it atrophy? The words escape me for the moment. That’s because I’ve got tropical lounge beats knocking around in my head. The Chile-based Uwe Schmidt, or Señor Coconut, marries merengue and mambo rhythms with dead serious electronic music. I suppose you could call it electrolatino music.

Check out his cover of Daft Punk’s Around the World.

The single is taken off the album Around the World with Señor Coconut.

[via Andy’s Blog]

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Techno Music


Yup this is exactly the way I feel about crapno techno music.

More brilliance at Toothpaste For Dinner.