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Friday Timewaster: Z-Type

We know, we know. Friday afternoons are where productivity levels are at the utmost worst. You’ve eaten your lunch, you’ve had some coffee, and now your head is fuzzy from a week of too many numbers. Or colors. Or words. Or graphs. Or people. Darn those graphs! It sounds to me like you need a little something to do while waiting for 5pm to roll around. How about trying this fun little browser-based game that lets you practice your typing and spelling? Z-Type is a shoot-em-up in the style of Galaxian (created by a guy called Dominic Szablewski who writes his thoughts in his blog), although instead of repeatedly pressing fire, you have to type the word that each enemy displays. This locks your ship onto that enemy, blasting it from the skies in a shower of sparks and fire and death and destruction. Glorious!

Z-Type screenshot

Surprising addictive? Yes. Enough to get you to 5pm? Probably. Give it a shot, Commander, and let us know your high score in the comments.

Link: Phoboslab Z-Type

Flash Games

Play This: DefineTime

If you have played FreeRice, then chances are you’ll like DefineTime too.

In this game, you race against the clock to choose the correct definitions of words. Getting the definition correct will net you 10 points, but for each incorrect guess  five points will be deducted. You have two minutes to score as many points as possible.

My grasp of the English language is tenuous at best so I scored 245 on my first try. Play DefineTime and let us know you did.

[Thanks for the tip, Lucy Furr]

Flash Games

Play This: Guess-the-google

It’s almost the weekend, baby. If you can’t drink at the office, you might as well count down the hours by avoiding work as much as possible.

I’ve got just the time-waster for you. Guess-the-google is a guessing game where you are presented with a matrix of 20 images from Google. There is a single keyword that relates to these images and you need to guess that word as quick as you can. You can guess multiple times in the allotted 20 seconds. There are 10 rounds per game.

I scored 323. Today’s high score is 385.

Play Guess-the-google and let us know you scored.

[via Zoomdoggle]

Flash Games Mindlessness

Your Shot at Fame: World Mouse Clicking Championship

Fancy yourself as clicker? Do people call you the King of Click? Well then my friend, fame is just a couple of clicks away! The Universal Record Database is running the World Mouse Clicking Competition – a throroughly useless game that records the most mouse clicks done in 10 seconds.

C. Williams from Fremont, New Hampshire, was the first to click his way to notoriety with 104 clicks in the allotted 10 seconds, a new world record at the time. Two days later, on June 22d, Ben Hughes from Great Manchester, England topped that score with a smashing 121 clicks!

If you’ve got the talent head over to the official World Mouse Clicking Competition site and give it a try. Limp clickers need not apply.

I couldn’t get more than 68 clicks. How did you do?

[via Zoomdoggle]

Awesomeness Mindlessness Music Video Clips

Enter the ToneMatrix

Andre Michelle, the creator of ToneMatrix describes his lab experiment as a “Simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer.” That’s geek-speak for what is a fun and addictive music maker that sounds awesome no matter what you do.

ToneMatrix comprises a 16×16 grid where each block in the grid represents a specific tone. Click a block to light it up and it starts pulsing a single musical note. Click on another block and you’ve started to make a loop. Create your own patterns or just fool around for a while. It’s a simple concept that can result in some amusing compositions.

Give it a try at

I’ve made a little start on a tune of my own. If you’d like to listen to it, copy the following set of numbers, right-click anywhere in ToneMatrix, and select Paste.


BONUS: Hit the jump to check out songs other YouTubers have made.