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Magneboy and the Laws of Attraction

The only reason I would stop playing today’s timewaster is this one – to tell you about it ;-) Created by UK-based game house Nitrome, Magneboy is an sliding-block puzzler where you play as an uber-cute clockwork robot who uses its powers of magnetism to cross chasms, create bridges, and shuffle past various obstacles, ultimately to get to the end of each level.

I don’t think it was designed to be difficult – I managed to get to level 26 without too much trouble. Considering that a dead flea has a better sense of direction than I do, it’s safe to say that the learning curve here isn’t too steep. Great music and a retro pixel art design complete the really cool package that Magneboy is.

Play the 50 levels of awesomeness at Nitrome and let us know how you got along.

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Play This: Use Boxmen

I have a problem with procrastination, but I think it’s something I can sort out later. In the meantime, here’s a neat pluzzle platformer Use Boxmen you are a strange, superior figure who must guide a boxman through each level to collect the furniture boxes. To make the job easier you can cast clones to do tasks for you – the clones are really “special” so they’ll copy whatever you do. A little patience and logical thinking is required here.

Play Use Boxmen at

[via Jay is Games]

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MyBrute: Fight Me!

Fellow gamer Aftershock9 turned me onto this little gem. MyBrute is a super-cool Flash game that takes up 5 minutes of your day. The way it works is you create a character and fight another person’s character in an arena. You can’t control what your fighter does, their actions are random, and if you happen to choose one with a weapon, they’ll use it to their advantage. So sit back and watch as the fight unfolds.

When you create your fighter, you are allowed 6 initial fights, after which there seems to be a 3-fight cap per day. You can join a clan and if you’ve reached level 10,  you can create your own clan.

You can also challenge friends by typing their name in the arena or visiting their fighter’s profile. You can duke it out with my scrappy fighter at

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Play GlueFO2

Another time waster delivered just in time for your lunch break. In GlueFO2, it seems that a manufacturer of intergalactic spaceships has fallen prey to the economic crisis and could not afford to fit conventional weaponry on your GluVex 3000. However, you do have a force field generator that you can use to pick up small red orbs and shoot them at the bigger , unfriendly orbs. You complete the level when the big orbs have been smashed into tiny orbs.

Use the mouse to control your GluVex 3000, and left-click will fling the orbs from your vehicle.

Play GlueFO2 at Kongregate.

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Monday Morning Time Waster: Open Doors

Open Doors is a great game created by Kongregate user soapaintnice. The concept is deceptive simple: move your square box from its starting point through some doors to the destination marked by the X. Moving past a door’s pivot will open it, but some doors don’t necessarily open the way you’d expect them to.

The original Open Doors was published in 2008, and #2 was released just the other day.

Play the Open Doors | Play Open Doors 2.

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Line Game: The Orange Edition

Being an orange can be a thankless life – having your insides squeezed out and put into a bottle can’t be a pleasant experience. And in Line Game: Orange Edition, one orange trail is sick of here and wants to go home. Using your mouse, guide the trail through fiendish caves, avoiding the walls and enemies as you head towards the exit.

Play it at Kongregate.

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Double-Decker Timewaster: Unique & Tontie

Did someone order a double-decker timewaster sandwich? It arrived just in time for your lunch break ;)

In Unique, you need to click the icon that is different from the others. Doing it fast earns you more points. Keen eyesight and quick fingers will win the day. Clear all 50 levels and submit your score to a worldwide leaderboard. I scored a pitiful 130 000 score.

Tontie is an evolved whack-a-mole game where you use the numeric keypad to whack the Tonties as they appear. Each number corresponds to the hole Tontie pops up from. There are 20 stages. Can you defeat the last boss? I’m totally useless at this and being the bad workman that I am, the rubbish laptop keyboard is entirely to blame.

Play Unique | Play Tontie.

Flash Games Mindlessness

I am a Super Hero!

Now this is fun time-waster. With a new online hero generator called “The Hero Factory”, you can build you own super hero from the ground up, with several options for facial types, upper body and lower body costumes, suit colors, weapons, and accessories. The 80’s throwback soundtrack is an excellent touch.

Like all hormonal men, I long to be a super hero. I certainly couldn’t be one at work though. The only place to change into my body-hugging, crotch-enhancing supersuit would be in the toilets, and the noxious fumes in there would knock me the fuck out!  With that in mind, here’s my attempt:

Don’t let the trident fool you, his special weapon is in the rear – his farts come straight from Satan’s bottom.

Create your own super hero at The Hero Factory. And drop us a line if you’ve made one you’re especially proud of.

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You Should Have Seen This

Greg Rutter has reached the end of the Internet and compiled a list of 99 viral internet memes. If the Internet has a collective consciousness, would this list be it?

Head to You Should Have Seen This – thanks Wellmedicated.

Flash Games Mindlessness

Double-Shot Timewaster: Roly-Poly Cannon & Planet Cruncher

Who ordered the double-shot timewaster with the side order of win?

In Roly-Poly Cannon, you need to fire a load of balls at cute little roly poly men and make them fall to their death. Use the mouse to aim – move it further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire.

And in Planet Cruncher, your secret desire to exterminate worlds has been realised. You need collect a certain number of crystals on each level by smashing together planets of the same type. Use the mouse to draw lines around matching planets to crunch them, then collect the crystals that result.

Play Roly-Poly Cannon | Play Planet Cruncher.