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The “Can Do” Attitude

Taras Kulakov the Crazy Russian Hacker and his right-hand man (who is actually left-handed) share a clever tip for the apocalypse or any other time when you want to open a can but don’t have a can opener handy.

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Reddit’s Guide to Fitness

Even the foolhardiest of drunks must be awake by now. Hello, and welcome to 2012! Allow me to wish you a very happy new year! Here’s hoping all the best for your life, love, gaming, and everything else in between.

Of all the new year resolutions that have been drafted, I can imagine “getting healthy” is on many a list. You might not think it but Reddit is a bountiful source of information for the individual who wants to lose the flab and get fitter.

The people over at The Greatist have collected tips and tricks from the Fittit subreddit (/r/fitness) and created a handy infographic to help those who want to go from fat (or skinny) to fit. Have a look at Reddit’s Guide to Fitness after the jump.

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How To Do Things Faster

Pressed for time? Need to squeeze more out of your day? This compilation is full of handy hints and tips for speeding up the way you do some of the more mundane things in life like tying shoes laces, peeling a potato, and getting into a parking spot.

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Tips for Hiding a Boner in Public

Here’s some education material for the gents on this lovely Sunday evening. I can’t recall a time in my life when an awkward boner overcame me in public but given that there is a website dedicated to them, it’s clearly an issue for some. And Anthony Padilla from is here to provide handy hints for concealing the party in your pants.

Hit the jump to see a trio of Korean comics where boners can be of use in holding the lift and even saving a life.