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We Review: Star Fox Guard

Launching alongside Star Fox Zero, Star Fox Guard is a new take on the tower defense genre. It was a game that no one was expecting, and honestly, I never thought it was a game I wanted. Come, sit closer to the camera and I’ll tell you about it.

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Street Fighter vs Plants vs Zombies

A challenger appears…on the lawn. In the category of “games we wish were real”, Nick Vaughn creates this most awesome mashup of Street Fighter and Plants vs Zombies.

Ryu and the gang need to use their spam attacks against the encroaching horde. As the wave swells, it seems the zombies are about to cure our heroes of a disease called life. Who alone can save them? Find out below in Street Fighter VS. Plants VS. Zombies.

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Flash Games

Play This: Paper War

Paper War is a tower defense game that has you smiting enemy intruders with using your manhood, and by manhood, I mean a pencil. At the start, there is one type of tower available to you, but as the game progresses you’ll unlock new ones and more devastating pencil colours.

Play Paper Wars at Kongregate.

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