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Lego Pop Culture Riddles

The humble Lego brick is 55 years old. In 1958, Godtfred K. Christiansen bought the patent to the Lego brick and in the five decades that the company has been in operation, it has produced an estimated 400 billion blocks! To celebrate the anniversary, Lego teamed up with Canadian advertising agency Brad to create 55 minimalist posters that incorporate the Lego brick. The “Imagine a …” tagline gives a clue to the book, movie, or song that the poster refers to.

See if you can construct the answers to 10 of the Lego pop culture riddles. If you hit a brick wall, the answers can be found at the bottom of the post.

Awesomeness Entertainment Video Clips

Stop-Motion Ninja Duel is Bloody Badass

Ninjas are sneaky, except when they’re not. In this fantastic stop-motion short from animator Olivier Trudeau, two action-figure ninjas are locked in a duel to the death. Who will emerge as the victor? Find out below.

[via Live for Films]

Awesomeness TV

A Song of Ice and Fire and LEGO

George R. R. Martin has certainly made an impression on people. Book sales are up and the first in the series of epic fantasy novels, Game of Thrones, will see a comic book adaptation in September. The highly successful TV show concluded its first season and viewers can expect to return to the seven kingdoms in April 2012. The Internet has been busy churning out remixes of the Game of Thrones opening theme and I wouldn’t be surprised if LEGO don’t take advantage of critical success of Game of Thrones by creating a set of commemorative characters. The haven’t done it as yet but Sam Beattie has taken a stab at it.

The game designer from Boston, USA, has cannibalised bits and bobs from existing sets to create LEGO versions of the characters. From House Stark to the scheming High Council to the murderous Clegane Brothers, the likenesses are surprisingly good. See his Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs after the jump.

Arty Movies

A LEGO Diorama From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Staying with the LEGO theme, here is another supreme effort from brick and Star Wars fanatic, Jay Hoff. Using over 30,000 LEGO pieces and 388 minifigs, Hoff has recreated the Emperor’s arrival scene in Episode VI, complete with shiny floor, hanger bay walls, and even a star field in the background. It’s a tour de force. See the diorama after the jump.

Arty Site Announcements

Vinyl Destination

A friend and gamer Simon (or PsyM0nkey as he is affectionately known) likes, nay, loves vinyl toys. Simon has been keen on the vinyl toy scene since early 2008 and I’ve had a few chats with him about a project close to his heart. I was extremely happy when he told me it was slowly (but surely) being realized, and now I’m delighted to tell you that he has opened up a new online store dedicated to these awesome designer toys.

Calling it Vinyl Destination, Simon not only stocks vinyl toys from local designer KRONK, but a range of toy art from overseas including the latest Dunny Fatale series, the Lunartik in a Tea Cup range, and Joe Ledbetter figures.

To celebrate the store launch, Vinyl Destination is running a competition where you can stand a chance to win some great prizes – a Lunartik Tea Cup signed by Matt J0nes, limited edition Coarse Jaws key-chains, and vouchers for the store. Find the competition details after the jump.

Arty Featured Movies Photoworthy

365 Days of Stormtrooper Photos

When stormtroopers aren’t spending time fighting in battles, and not finding the droids they are looking for (even with the help of Google), what do you think they do with their free time?

Star Wars fan and photographer Stéfan Le Dû seeks to answer that question by giving this toys a life of their own and photographing them daily for a whole year. Started on April 3rd 2009, Stéfan’s Stormtroopers 365 project currently contains 285 photos of the troopers generally monkeying about. Have a look at some of the humorous shots after the jump.


Toys Living The High Life

Rampant drug-abuse is a huge problem in toy kingdom.

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