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Japanese Tron-Inspired Dance Routine

Dance troupe Wrecking Crew Orchestra from Japan channels Tron in one of their recent shows. As it starts, the stage is bathed in darkness, and one by one the members of the group reveal themselves. They’re dressed in special light-emitting glow-suits, and the timing of the lights further enhances their dance routine. Have a look at video below, but beware, it does get a little dubstep-y at the 3:39-minute mark.

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Sci-fi Films Re-Imagined as Tintin Covers

You may remember an earlier post on the wonderful illustration by Dan Hipp, or MISTERHIPP as he is called. Hipp has applied his considerable illustration skills to re-imagining popular sci-fi films as covers of the adventures comics that I love to read as a child. Hit the jump to see Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock take on the baddies in Tintin Shot First, Clue to the Grid, and The Hugged Face.

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Playboy’s Titillating Tribute to Tron

I know, it was the Tron bit that brought you here wasn’t it? It’s like how I buy Playboy magazine for the impeccably-worded discourse. Speaking of the gentleman’s magazine, you may enjoy this little clip. Playmates Irina Voronina (the blonde I believe) and Sasckya Porto participate in Playboy’s rather risque tribute to the goodness of Tron. It comes complete with light cycles, neon lights, and smatterings of nudity. Check it out below.

Playboy has also produced some images to accompany their video, have a gawk at those after the jump. I’ve kindly obscured the naughty bits with dainty prawns so you won’t get into trouble if you’re viewing this at work. How nice am I?

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Get Away From Her, You 010000100100100101010100!

OK, you got me, you clever reader you. The title isn’t complete. It’s meant to be 0100001001001001010101000100001101001000 but what is a couple of ones and zeros between friends? Being that you’re so clever you have also deduced that the clip you are about to see mashes the climactic scene from Aliens together with the aesthetics of TRON. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Check it out below.

This mashup was created by VFX dude Benni Diez from Germany for an annual film marathon, the Butt-Numb-A-Thon hosted by Harry Knowles the founder of Ain’t it Cool News. It was picked as winning entry by Knowles earlier this week.

Have a look at some of the other TRON-ified entries after the jump.

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Marvel Gets TRON-ified recently put up a special range of covers which shows our popular comic book heroes into a new light, Tron-style. This also highlights that Marvel has begun designs for a Marvel Tron comic, Tron: The Betrayal. It is a miniseries so I’m hoping that it’s full of quality!

Since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel I have been very weary of the future for comics, but it seems that Marvel is keeping its true spirit alive. I just hope it doesn’t go further than this.

Walt Disney Pictures’ 3D adventure, Tron: Legacy is due in theaters on December 17th. So along with this, Marvel comics has produced these variant covers to promote the new film. These characters have been re-imagined to tie in with the Tron universe, and of course, to get us even more hyped up about this highly anticipated film. The artists, Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson, have truly nailed the crossover.

Tron: Legacy is a sequel to the original 1982 film and promises new material and a great cinematic experience. Tron: Evolution is the tie-in video game, scheduled for release late this year as well. I’m hoping that these Marvel characters can make some guest appearances in there.

So here are some of the Marvels’ Tron variant covers:

Captain America

More pics are up after the jump

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TRON: Lebowski and Enthiran (The Robot)

We have a double rainbow of awesomeness for you today. One of the two trailers you’ll see is completely fake (and awesome), the other is very real (and also awesome).

In the mashup trailer TRON: Lebowski, the dude travels to a strange and dangerous digital universe. And in Enthiran (The Robot), the most expensive Asian movie ever made, a mad scientist creates a robot with a Pentium processor. The robot falls in love with Aishwarya Rai.

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“Lost” and “Tron” Title Sequences Re-Imagined in 60s Style

Saul Bass was an American graphic designer best kown for his animated movie title sequences, notably working with Alfred Hitchcock on Vertigo, Psycho, and North by Northwest. Vimeo user Hexagonall pays homage to the simplicity and minimalism of Saul Bass by creating the titles sequences for “Lost” and “Tron” as if Saul Bass had done them himself. The animations are pretty cool and the accompanying music adds to the retro effect.

See the flashy title sequences below.

Lost vs. Saul Bass

Tron vs. Saul Bass

Hexagonall has also created posters to go along with these TV intros. See the set of Lost vs. Saul Bass posters here and the Tron vs. Saul Bass posters here.

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Official “Tron Legacy” Trailer is so Very Sexy

Our man Macross is on holiday somewhere in the United States and is a big fan of Disney’s 1982 attempt at the sci-fi computer animation. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I’m think he would have jizzed in his pants upon seeing the official teaser trailer for Tron Legacy. It looks awesome to say the very least – check it out below.

You can watch the high definition trailer at

Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron, with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles. Here’s the synopsis:

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidante (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

It’ll be the first feature film from director Joseph Kosinski and electro-pop duo Daft Punk will do the score. Tron Legacy will be shown in 3D starting on December 17th, 2010 in U.S. theatres. Word has it that it’ll reach South African shores on December 31st.

UPDATE (July 26th, 2010): Here’s the latest theatrical trailer:

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