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The Most Epic Twerk Fail of All Time

Twerking is serious business. This woman just fell off a locker. Gravity thwarted this young lady’s bad attempt, and this girl’s twerking is so horrible that it resembles someone falling down a set of stairs.

Some times, twerking can get too hot to handle. This lady wants to create a sexy video for her boyfriend, and attempts the masterclass “upside down twerk”. Watch what happens next in The Most Epic Twerk Fail Of All Time.

Update: It turns out that Jimmy Kimmel was behind the little prank. The awkward twerker is not “Caitlin Heller” rather stunt woman, Daphne Avalon. Have a look at Kimmel’s director’s cut of the video below.

[via @Anatinus | @grim_tenmiles]

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Twerks of Art: Miley Cyrus Dances Dirty on Famous Paintings

The MTV Video Music Awards must have felt like a bad acid trip to some people. Miley Cyrus twerked with teddy bears, gyrated against Robin Thicke’s crotch, and even pretended to pleasure herself with a giant foam glove. You can’t unsee this kind of stuff, but if you missed it click here to watch the hyper-sexual performance.

GIFs of the lewd display were promptly dispatched far and wide on the Internet and it didn’t take very long before Jen Lewis over at BuzzFeed decided it was a good idea to insert Miley Cyrus into a bunch of famous paintings. Georges Seurat’s Sunday afternoon is forever ruined, Edvard Munch’s man now has a reason to scream, and this was not the dinner theatre that Jesus had in mind. Have a look at the twerks of art after the jump.

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You Can’t Unsee This: Twerking to Classical Music

The Internet is fascinated with twerking. Google trends reveals that over the past 12 months, South Africa ranks in the top three countries that run web searches for twerk-related content.

Miley Cyrus did it in a unicorn onesie. Nicki Minaj did it in a pool, and even bears have been spotted twerking in the woods. And now, twerking has invaded the highbrow world of classical music. Set to the upbeat Sabre Dance by composer Aram Khachaturian, the Twerking To Classical Music compilation is sure to hypnotise/repulse you.

[via Huffington Post]

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It’s a Twerking Bonanza in Major Lazer’s New Music Video

Butts, butts everywhere.

The wibbly wobbly twerk dance takes centre stage in the music video to Major Lazer’s new single. If you’ve seen any Major Lazer music videos before, the alarms bells should already be ringing. Prepare for more Eric Wareheim absurdity as behinds get blown up in Bubble Butt. NSFW, obviously.

Not that I was paying attention, but the track features the singing talents of Bruno Mars, Mystic, and Tyga.

[via Don’t Party]