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The Minkster Competition Winner!

A week has come and gone so quickly and we’re at the end of another Onelargeprawn competition. Super awesome Capetonian graphic designer Alex Seaton created a sliding tile puzzle especially for our competition and to stand a chance of winning one of her cute Minkster flash drives, we asked you to solve that puzzle in the fastest time possible. We tracked these times on a high scores table and after the dust settled, a patient and motivated competitor placed first (and second, and third, and fourth!).

Congratulations go to Donald whose top ranking time wins him a Minkster of his choice. Like all of them in the series, his Minkster includes a wallpaper and icons, a puzzle game, and a bonus paper toy that he can assemble at his desk. Donald, we’ll be in touch shortly to get your delivery details. Hard luck to the other entrants, but we’re going to try our best to host more competitions for you to enter soon.

Once again, a big thanks to Alex at Minky for putting up the prize and creating the flash game for us. If you’d like to buy a Minkster, please call (021) 558 1251 or visit Minky for further information.

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Solve a Puzzle, Win a Minkster!

NOTE: This competition has ended.

Did you know that the preliminary USB flash drives sold in late 2000 could only store up to 8 MB of data? We’ve come a long way since then with newer, fancier  flash drives being able to hold hundreds of GBs of erotic art personal stuff and allow a bazillion writes to the drive (OK, I lied. It’s only a million.) The design of these devices has changed too and miniaturization has resulted in them being incorporated into everyday items like pens and watches. We’re far more interested in the creative aspect though and have seen a fair share of unusual flash drives. My personal favourite is the humping dog but I’m a touch peculiar.

Keeping with the theme of creative flash drives, we stumbled onto the works of a lovely Cape Town-based graphic designer. Alex Seaton is the creator of Minky, a playful range of designer products and Minksters is her series of super cute USB flash drives. Each 4GB Minkster includes a wallpaper and icons, a puzzle game, and a bonus paper toy that you can make for your desk. There are six Minksters in the series and they come in a range of vibrant colours to liven up your workspace.

We’re giving you the chance to win a Minkster of your choice. This competition is a little different to our last one in that we’re not letting random chance decide the outcome. Your fate is most certainly in your hands this time. We want you to solve a puzzle, a shuffle puzzle in fact. Alex has created the puzzle and a scoreboard specifically for us and all you have to do to win the prize is to top the table at the end of the competition. Have you got what it takes, playa? Find the full competition details after the jump.


Dear Diary 1.0: A Wooden Workstation by Marlies Romberg

Created by Marlies Romberg, a graduate of the Utrecht School of Arts, Dear Diary 1.0 is a fusion between the real world and the digital world, where one finds a computer embedded in a wooden desk.

It comes as a whole piece with a keyboard laser cut into the surface of the desk, a wooden screen, and wooden mouse to match. In the world of plastic and aluminium, Dear Diary is certainly a novel idea.

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