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Star Wars Yoga

Rescuing galaxies far, far away from the influence of the dark side can be torturous on the body. To keep their physical and mental states balanced, our heroes Princess Leia, 3PO, R2, Luke, and Yoda regularly practise yoga.

However, it’s not just the Rebel Alliance who are in search of galactic enlightenment. Even the Galactic Empire and the dark lord of the Sith himself try their hands at some of the asanas.

Have a look at some of their yoga poses after the jump.

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Darth Bale and the Vader Sessions

It’s Friday we have a Star Wars double feature for you today. First off, back in 2006 YouTube user akjak took sound clips of James Earl Jones from his other movie roles and dubbed them over the Darth Vader scenes in Star Wars Episode IV. The results show Vader as a lonely, confused, depraved man going through a nervous breakdown. It’s totally made of win. Check out the Vader Sessions below.

And next up is Christian Bale’s infamous 2009 tirade mixed into Darth Vader scenes from Star Wars Episode IV. Spoiler alert: Darth Bale is less funny and after the jump.

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The All New Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles

Clearly I’ve been living under a rock on planet Naboo, but I wasn’t aware that Atom Films has been producing animated Star Wars gangsta raps since 2003. The latest in the series has just hit the Interwebs. MCs Vader, Skywalker, Solo, Leia, and public enemy Obi-Wan are back with the illest rhymes this side of the Kessel Sector. At this minute, the force seems to have failed Atom’s embedding system See it below.

ALL NEW! Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Star Wars Gangsta Rap

And a totally different live-action, potty-mouthed Star Wars Gangsta Rap can be experienced after the jump.