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We Review: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

The original Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was released in 2013, and featured a heavily steampunked version of Abraham Van Helsing, one of the main characters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The game, thankfully, had no relation to the horrible Van Helsing film, and was actually a really enjoyable experience to play. The excellent sequel was released last year, and now the story finally comes to a close in this third installment a year later. I grab my monster hunting gear and go see what tales Mr Van Helsing can tell me.

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Major Lazer: Keep it Goin’ Louder

We’ve posted about Major Lazer before, more specifically the NSFL music video of their dancehall experiment “Pon De Floor”.

Whilst the video for “Keep it Goin, Louder”, the latest track taken from the “Guns Don’t Kill People – Lazers Do” album, is nowhere near as pornographic as Pon De Floor, it does take the tired “in the club” theme and mashes some monsters into it. Things are getting progressively worse (as they do when the undead is concerned), and only a visit from the Jamaican commando can set things right. Check it out below.

Incidentally, you can listen to user-submitted remixes of both tracks at Remix Major Lazer.

[via Uno de Waal on Twitter]

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Blu-ray Review: Underworld: Evolution

As sequels usually do, Underworld: Evolution continues the story about the war between vampires and werewolves (or Lycans as they are called) that was introduced in the first Underworld film. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched the first one as this sequel shows extensive flashbacks to ensure you know what’s going on. How thoughtful.

So in Underworld: Evolution, sexy death-dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and mildly attractive vampire-lycan hybrid Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) are on the run after doing something really bad in the first film. They are being hunted by vampire elder leader Marcus (Tony Curran), who fails to obtain an artifact in Selene’s possession. Recognizing the importance of the said possession, Selene and Michael travel to the hideout of Andreas Tanis, an exiled vampire historian. Tanis tells a rather convoluted tale and refers them to Lorenz Macaro, stating he can help stop Marcus. Lorenz tells his story to the pair but is cut short as Marcus finds and attacks them. People get killed and Marcus boldly says he will become a god and rule a race of hybrids. Marcus then flies away, but Selene and a team of “cleaners” track him down and set the scene for an epic battle that will change the history of the two warring factions…

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