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FOTONICA is a first person shooter jumper that reminds me of all the good times that were had in REZ. Created by Milan-based game design studio, Santa Ragione, FOTONICA is a free-running game set in an abstract vector landscape where you speed through a level, jumping from one platform to another, and collecting the pink dots along the way. The games relies on the use of one button and what seems like a simple task is quite deceptive, especially for someone like me, who has as much spring in my step as a dead flea. See the trailer to FOTONICA below.

You can play the demo on Kongregate or you can download the game (34 MB) from the FOTONICA website to speed through all the five levels. If you like the game, you can give the developers some real money, however little or as much as you like, according to their “Pay What You Want” pricing system.

[via Creative Applications]

Arty Awesomeness Featured TV

Minimalist Game of Thrones House Sigils

From the boost in book sales to a highly successful TV series to all love and adoration from the Internet, there is certainly a lot of banter about Game of Thrones. Speaking about banners — OK, you got me, I said banter but what’s a little letter substitution amongst friends? — designer Tom Gateley shows appreciation for the series by creating a beautiful set of minimalist posters.

After watching the TV series, Gateley says he became slightly obsessed with the identity the houses and set about creating vector posters of each house sigil. He hopes we like them as much as he does. Have a look at his minimalist Game of Thrones posters after the jump.

Arty Sports

2011 Formula One Posters

What I know about Formula One comes directly from Wikipedia. It’s not like I dislike the sport, but I use it more as tool to further a different agenda. My significant other, Lucy Furr, finds the roaring sounds of Formula One to be soothing and it is not long before she is asleep on the couch. This accords me precious free time to play my console games. Win!

Irish graphic designer, PJ Tierney, is clearly much more interested in Formula One. And to this effect, he has created a great set of posters for the 2011 Formula One season, featuring all of the 19 circuits that defending World Champion Sebastian Wobbler and other manly gentlemen will be racing on. Tierney incorporates various racing motifs and colours and elements from the flags of the different host countries. Have a look at his Formula One 2011 Poster Series after the jump.

Arty Inspirational Designs

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #5

From self-taught digital artist Jared K. Nickerson comes a pack 20 creative vector wallpapers to brighten your desktop. The images are all 1920×1200. See a few of them below.

And the rest are after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Arty

Enchanted Forest

Teodoru Badiu was born in Romania but now makes his living in Vienna, Austria as a freelance artist and creative media designer. His new vector designs are colourful and whimsical, showing otherworldly creatures and plants living together in perfect harmony. The Enchanted Forest totally made me smile. Take a look.

And see more of Badiu’s work at

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