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Hilarious Pop Culture Reinterpretations of Classic Art

In her series of 54 “pop reinterpretations”, illustrator Hillary White applies acrylic to canvas and re-imagines classic artworks to include characters from popular films, TV shows, cartoons, and comics.

White paints her reinterpretations in the same style as the old masters would have done and amusingly replaces James Whistler’s mother with a teenage mutant ninja turtle, inserts the hulking Voltron into a Monet, and has Big Bird explaining the musculature of Kermit’s arm to the Muppets in oil painting by Rembrandt.

See some of White’s creative pop culture mashups after the jump.

Arty Science & Technology Video Clips

“Perpetual Ocean” Visualization Looks Like a van Gogh Painting

Every day it’s swirling. The world ocean is a large body of water that covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface and this beautiful time-lapse animation by the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio shows the movement of the ocean currents around the continents and islands.

Using data during the period of June 2005 and December 2007, Perpetual Ocean is produced using a complex computation model that is usually used to predict changes in world’s currents. In this case all the facts and figures have been removed, leaving only the curly and swirly patterns that look like they could be part of the starry nightscape in a Vincent van Gogh painting.

For more information on Perpetual Ocean, visit the Scientific Visualization Studio.

[via @JoeyHiFi]

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

The Starry Night: An Interactive Animation

The view outside his sanitarium room window at night has become one of Vincent van Gogh’s most recognizable paintings. With the use of some fancy C++ programming, Greek artist Petros Vrellis imagines The Starry Night as if it were a moving and interactive piece of art.

The animation comprises some 80,000 swirly “particles” that are responsive to the touch. The music too responds to the flow of the animation. Watch as Vrellis touches The Starry Night.

[via The Verge]


Tilt-Shift van Gogh

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is known the world over for his vivid portraits and landscapes. Even though he was considered as one of history’s greatest painters, van Gogh didn’t become wealthy from his craft reportedly only selling one painting, The Red Vineyard, during his life.

His story has been made into films and recently his mental issues fitted in perfectly in an episode of Doctor Who. Artcyclopedia now brings van Gogh’s works to the fore through the use of tilt-shift photography, albeit simulating the miniature effects in Photoshop. Have a look at some of their photo manipulations after the jump.