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“What if” Movie Posters Reimagined for Another Time and Place

In his series What If, illustrator Peter Stults imagines what the posters for popular modern movies would look like if they were made in a different era. Stults keeps the name of the movie the same but changes the actors and the visual theme of the poster to suit the time.

Instead of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Stults re-creates a famous scene from the movie using 50s actors Charlton Heston and Harry Belafonte. James Dean makes a handy replacement for Ryan Gosling in Drive, and steel-toothed Richard Kiel plays an alternate T-800 in a 70s pre-make of Terminator.

Have a look at some of Stults’ wonderful What If movie posters after the jump.

Arty Featured

A Vintage Map of a Woman’s Heart

In the 19th century America, women were expected to hold up to an ideal that was “True Womanhood.” There were four corner stones of true womanhood — piety, purity, submissiveness, and domesticity. It was these virtues by which women would be judged, and those who possessed all of them would be assured happiness in life. This idealized version of women was advertised in newspapers, magazines, and somewhere between the years of 1833 and 1842, D. W. Kellogg created a lithograph of a map of a woman’s heart.

Entitled A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart, the map had love at the centre of a woman’s heart, with a range of mountains that protected it from the dangers of selfishness, fickleness, vanity, and flirtatious behaviour. A sizeable part of the map wass taken up by the love of fashion, where it seems there was even a monument dedicated to it. It certainly painted women as shallow creatures and the subtitle seemed to be a warning to those thinking of travelling the lands. It read, “Exhibiting its internal communications, and the facilities and dangers to Travellers therein.”

Have a look at this vintage map after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Gaming News

Video Games as Vintage Book Covers

Illustrator A.J. Hateley from the United Kingdom has embarked on a fantastic voyage. In the Thirty Days of Videogames, she aims to create vintage book covers based on popular video games. The covers are complete with relevant publisher information, wonderful artwork, and apt titles. The series is currently in day 16, and Hateley has created many a cover including one for a scientific study into the lives of vicious headcrabs, one for a safety guide on dealing with unhinged operating systems, and another for a harrowing adventure in the land of giants.

Have a look at The Secret Life of Headcrabs, The Wonderful End of the World, The Forbidden Land, and other  wonderful video game book covers after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Movies Video Clips

Inception Re-Told in Vintage Paper Cutouts

In the Done in 60 Seconds competition hosted by Jameson and Empire Magazine, entrants are tasked with remaking a movie within the confines of a minute. As his entry into the competition, artist Wolfgang Matzl chose to re-tell the dreamy story of Inception using a collection of 19th century-styled paper cutouts. Have a look at his fantastic stop-motion animation below.

[via The Daily What]


Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

If you liked Cliff Chiang’s fantastic Star Wars propaganda posters you may love this series of travel-themed posters by graphic designer Steve Thomas.

Inspired by vintage travel posters from the early 20th century his works make a holiday to a galaxy far, far away look so very enticing.

There are eight travel posters in Thomas’ set. Have a look at them after the jump.


Vintage Super Hero Portraits

You’ve seen super heroes re-imagined as Mr. Men, gender-swapped to freakishly sexy women; you’ve seen them as depressive emos and even as cats.

Now they get a touch of retro care of Los Angeles-based artist Alex Gross who takes vintage portraits and turns them into super hero portraits. The results are grand, have a look at some of them after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Robert Downey, Jr: The Pinup Girl

If you ever dream about seeing a union of Robert Downey, Jr and a vintage pinup, you should probably dream a little better. However, this is the Internet and someone out there will be more than happy to make your dreams come true. For funsies, Tumblr user see-globes has used the power of Photoshop to marry the head of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive (2009) and the bodies of old-fashioned calendar girls. Unsurprisingly, the results are hilarious.

See Robert Downey, Jr, the pinup girl after the jump.

Arty Eating and Drinking Sports

Cheers! World Cup Beer Posters

Everyone loves Raymond beer. And moreso during these last few weeks as millions of extra pints are being downed all around the world. A brewery in China reported sells 42 000 bottles a day and on one day in South Korea 345 000 bottles. Meanwhile in South Africa, it is expected that 10 million litres will be sold during the soccer world cup. The figures all make sense because beer makes winning that much more sweeter and losing more bearable.

To celebrate the teams that have qualified for round of 16 stage of the soccer world cup, Moxy Creative created “Cheers!”, a set of poster where each country is shown as vintage label on bottle of beer. Check them out after the jump.

Awesomeness Risqué Weirdness

Dead Sexy Zombie Pin-Ups

Lord, where are my braaaaiinnsss at? Six months through 2010 and I just remembered about the dead sexy girls that grace My Zombie Pinup’s yearly calendar.

It’s vintage 1950s pin-ups versus classic zombies. We know you’d hit that…with a spade. See this years’ Miss Zombie January through to Miss Zombie December after the jump – possibly NSFW on the account of necrotic flesh.

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured

30 Dumb (But Funny) Inventions

Scientist Jonathan Schattke is quoted as saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife.” Fair enough, but what happens if the offspring came from the shallow end of the gene pool? LIFE magazine explores this as they count down 30 retro inventions that may have seemed like a good idea at the time but are really just plain terrible. Have a look at some of the after the jump.