Animal Kingdom Awesomeness Video Clips

The Bark Side

When I got married many years ago, I had a grand idea for my bride’s entrance. I imagined a pack of dogs — some small, others big — all dressed up in bowties, and in unison barking out the tune to the “Here comes the bride” march. My wife thought it sweet, albeit a bit silly. It never happened, but that didn’t mean that it was a bad idea.

Roll on 2012, and Volkswagen have created a super cute commercial with 12 dogs barking out the famed Star Wars Imperial March theme. An AT-AT walker appears in the video too, in an costume that looks similar to the one worn by our favourite AT-AT dog, Bones Mello. Check out The Bark Side below.

[via @jessjorgensen]

Cautionary Tales

Adventures in Sexism: Vintage Volkswagen Ad

Sexism in advertising wasn’t such a troubling issue back in the day, especially in the 60s. In this gem from 1964, Volkswagen would have you know that whilst women can be soft and gentle, they tend to hit things. See the ad below – click to embiggen.

If she does have a prang in a Volkswagon, it won’t hurt you very much at all because VW parts are easily replaceable and cheap, like your wife. OK, so they didn’t add that last bit, but I’m surprised they didn’t go the extra mile and do that.

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[via Buzzfeed | Image credit: malcontentdiary]