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Awesome Gears of War Fan Art

Gears of War 3 has been met with universal acclaim, garning an average of 91 on metacritic. The two previous titles in the series have netted near perfect scores too, with the first Gears of War standing out as one of the most epic third person shooters available on a gaming console.

The people who play it love it and recently deviantART held a content, Gears/Artists United, that asked its members to capture the essence of Gears of War in the form of wallpaper.

The first prize was set at USD 10,000, a Gears of War 3 limited edition console, and deviantART swag. The competition ended on September 28th, with 100 semi-finalists having been chosen by deviantART staff. Have a look at some of the fantastic submissions after the jump.

Arty Weirdness

Weirdly Cute Patterns by Mike Mitchell

We haven’t done a wallpaper-related post in a while. We don’t really have an excuse for it aside from the suffering a serious bout of procrastinitis. We’re better now and found some odd wallpaper patterns from Los Angeles artist Mike Mitchell.

From a bizarre skull and cross bones design made up of kitty bits to an anthropomorphic eyeball, Mitchell’s designs are cute, if a little weird. Check them out after the jump.

Arty Inspirational Designs

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #5

From self-taught digital artist Jared K. Nickerson comes a pack 20 creative vector wallpapers to brighten your desktop. The images are all 1920×1200. See a few of them below.

And the rest are after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #4

Desktopography is synonymous with beautiful wallpapers. Designers from all over the world submit designs, and the outstanding entries get compiled into an exhibition. And in their latest exhibition, the wallpapers follow the theme Nature on your Desktop. Have a look at some of them below.

See all 65 nature-themed wallpapers at Desktopography’s exhibition #5.

[via idigdesign]

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #3

I guess this needs no introduction which is pretty swell as I cannot brain today, I have the dumb. Click on the images to take you to the download locations.

See more wallpapers after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Invade or Die: Onelargeprawn Gets Arty

I wanted to start off by saying that my Photoshop skills are as great as my penis is long but then realised how I just insulted myself so I gave up on that intro and went with something a little less self-deprecating.

I know as much about art as a garden snail knows about astrophysics, but I made something that I think looks a little arty. It was an entry that I created for a competition on the local Playstation 3 forum; I converted into a wallpaper and wanted to share it with you – it’s called Invade or Die.

Keeping true to our theme that choice is the most important priority right after love, sex, intelligence, pets, internet, and a whole bunch of other stuff, I have prepared a few different resolutions of the wallpaper in case you might actually like it and want to download a bigger version.

Right click the link of the resolution you’re interested in and select the option to save the image/link.

1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1440×900 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200

480×272 (PSP) | 1280×720 (720p) | 1920×1080 (1080p)

Do let me know what you think about it.


Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Here at Onelargeprawn we dig desktop wallpapers. It really does brighten up the fiery hell I get plunged into every morning when I switch my work PC on.

Herewith I give you selection of 10 wallpapers that I hand-picked from the 50 available in the articles from Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions; I added a couple of my favourites in as well.

NOTE: 56k users beware – viewing the full images may take an age or kill your PC, whichever comes first.

Click to embiggen.

Etude #1 by PatrickGunderson

Stabilis by miniman

Lush by Jerico Santander and Nik Ainley

7 more wallpapers after the jump.

Awesomeness Inspirational Designs

Paint Swatches Make Great Wallpaper

In these dark economic days one has to save wherever possible, and to beat the credit crunch this creative person has ransacked a local hardware shop of those free paint swatches and stuck them up on their wall. It adds a brilliant splash of colour to the wall and no cost at all (especially true if you raid the company stationary cupboard for glue sticks).

It’s a genius idea don’t you think? I’d be tempted to do the same but I keep getting followed around our DIY shop by the security guards, hence making the mass-stealing of swatches nigh impossible. It’s my beard, it freaks them the fuck out.

[via Trend Hunter]