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We Review: Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

Back in 2010, we reviewed the original Darksiders for Playstation 3. You can read our review here, but the basic gist was that it was a decent game worth your time and money. This being 2016, the year of the remaster, we naturally have Darksiders: Warmastered, because of course we do. This review is going to be covering the PS4 version specifically.

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We Review: Level 22

Level 22 from Moving Player Games is a stealth game with a twist. No saving the world here. No Earth-shattering meteors. Not even a mighty megaweapon to disable. Just Gary. And he’s late to work. Hide under the cardboard box with us as we review this unusual game of trying to get to the desk before anyone notices we’re gone.

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We Review: Splatoon

It’s not every day that big video game companies create new IP, instead preferring to rely on the name impact of existing, highly successful titles instead. This is why Mario has his face on so many Nintendo titles. Creating new IP is adding extra risk to what is, admittedly, a highly costly business. So it’s with no surprise, really, that we learn that Mario was originally supposed to be the face of Splatoon, Nintendo’s new third-person online battle arena game. I fill my super soaker with multicoloured ink, dunk my paint roller, and head for the urban parkways to see what Splatoon is all about.

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We Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush

In 2005, the Nintendo DS saw the release of Kirby: Canvas Curse, a Kirby game that used an unusual mechanic to control the pink puffball: drawing on the touch screen. The game was well received by critics, and this, I imagine, is what prompted Nintendo to release a sequel for the Wii U, and with a new aesthetic: clay. Or “plasticine” as it’s sometimes known as. When my son was younger, he called it “lunch”. Let’s see how well-moulded this game is.

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We Review: The Fall (Wii U)

The Fall, a Kickstarter-backed game that first released on Steam, has now made its way to the Nintendo Wii U. I strap on my powered suit, and go exploring to see whether this puzzle action game is worth playing. Come along!

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We Review: Kirby’s Adventure Wii (Wii U Virtual Console)

Kirby is one of the stalwarts that has been a part of the Nintendo family for almost 25 years. In 2010, we saw the release of Kirby’s Adventure Wii, and it was fairly well received. I get a chance to review the Virtual Console version of the game for the Wii U and test the Wii Virtual Console in the process.

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We Review: Mario Kart 8 DLC: Zelda x Mario Kart

We reviewed Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U when it first came out back over here at this Link (see what I did there?), and if you’ve exhausted all the tracks and characters and wish there were new life in the game, then I’ve got good news for you. Two new cups and eight new track, plus some new characters and vehicles, all being reviewed right here, right now, by me. Let’s race.

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We Review: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity, released last year, was Disney’s entry to the toys-that-come-to-life genre, alongside the only other entry: Skylanders. While Skylanders had to build their fan base almost from the ground up, Disney Infinity had the advantage of having a built-in fan base and a veritable slew of characters to draw upon. This year, Disney lets its Marvel characters take the helm with the new Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (aka Disney Infinity 2.0). I strap on my shield, get into my power armour, grab my hammer, sling my webs, and plug in my Awesome Mix vol. 1 to see what the new game is all about. Read more

We Review: Cosmophony

Do you like your games hard? Like…REALLY hard? Oh good, because have I got a doozy for you: Cosmophony for the Wii U releases this week, and it’s the kind of game that’s going to require a lot of dedication from you.

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We Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

Bayonetta, the insane, leggy witch with more attitude than a high school full of sassy teens, is back. With more sass. More insanity. And more leg (probably). The first game (reviewed here) was a cornucopia of bullets and blood, and this time, Bayonetta 2 promises more of the same, just with …well…more. I grab my guns and go to hell to bring you this review. Read more