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Loose Tweets Sink Fleets: Brian Moore’s WWIII Propaganda Posters

If you enjoyed Cliff Chiang’s set of WWII propaganda posters for the Star Wars universe, you make like designer Brian Moore’s latest project. Moore takes propaganda posters created during World War II and modifies them to be more relevant to this day and age.

The old “Loose lips sink ships” poster created by the War Advertising Council warned of “unguarded talk” and Moore’s updated one similarly tells us that a careless tweet can indeed sink a fleet. Moore also warns of the dangers of blogging, and the roles of Reddit and Wikipedia in the war effort. Have a look at his fantastic WWIII propaganda posters after the jump.

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Uncyclopedia, the Content-Free Encyclopedia

Since its launch in 2005, Uncyclopedia, an addictive parody of Wikipedia, has grown into a formidable wiki.

It is the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and according to co-founder Jonathan Huang, there are two main rules at Uncyclopedia: 1) Be funny and not just stupid, and 2) Don’t be a dick. BUT if you’re being funny and being a dick, chances are your entry may stay. In any case, it is the masses that decide what’s funny, with users and admins constantly on the prowl for quality assurance.

Uncyclopedia has an extensive Howto section from which I have learnt a lot more than I should admit to:

Dive into a whole new world of unknowledge at Uncyclopedia.