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We Review: Wipeout 2048

The Wipeout series of video games (nothing in common with the Wipeout TV series!) has always been one of the games for Sony consoles that show off what insane graphical power the machine is capable of, and the PS Vita is, to use the hackneyed term, “no different” with its release title, Wipeout 2048. The question is: is this version of Wipeout any good and worth playing? Let’s find out.


FormulaSexta: Formula 1 as You’ve Never Seen it…

… or likely to see until laser cannons come standard with Formula 1 cars. Now I’d pay good money to see that.

FormulaSexta is an ad campaign made by Kotoc Productions to promote Formula 1. Drawing inspiration from the pod race in Star Wars Episode I and elements of WipEout HD, they created a futuristic F1 race with cars that fitted the racing driver’s personalities.

To this premise we added the racing drivers’ personality with their cars. As a result of this, Alonso is a dolphin because of his intelligence, Hamilton is a shark because of his aggressiveness, Kimi is a swordfish and Massa is a hammerhead shark.

See the video below.

More clips at Kotoc’s Vimeo channel.

[via Like Cool | 3DM3]