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Samurai Cat

Look, we get it. Sometimes, a cat is so damn cute that you have to steal it and defend it with all the honour and swordsman skills you can muster. We totally understand the compulsion, so we’re glad that there’s a movie that shares the inner conflict we feel.

[Via: WTF Japan Seriously]

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Pizza Boomerang is Deadly to Penises

Picture the scene. A He-Man-esque super hero waits patiently for his pizza to warm up in the microwave. Fearing the fast food might be a little too hot, our hero flings it from his home planet towards the earth. Thus begins the utterly bizarre journey of Pizza Boomerang, a pizza so epic that it could slice your penis off.

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PONPONPON! A Surreal J-Pop Music Video

I know more about the Hadron Collider than what goes on in the minds of some Japanese people. In the music video for her debut J-pop single for Warner Music Japan, “PONPONPON”, blogger and model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu welcomes you to her “doll house”. It’s a rather odd place where floating brains and eyes embedded in toast are commonplace, and even her farts are strikingly colourful. You must see this video, be warned though, the tune can be extremely catchy and/or unbearably annoying.

If you’d like an English translation of the lyrics, see it at Wonky Translation. If this video made complete sense to you, then do drop us a comment and let us know what any of this madness means.

[via Ufunk]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips Weirdness

Waste Not, Want Not: Japanese Scientist Makes Poop Burger

Nothing should really surprise you when the Japanese are concerned. The latest news from the Internet says that our far east friends have managed to create edible hamburger “meat” that just so happens to made of protein extracted from human poo.

A sewage plant in Tokyo was faced with an abundance of sewage mud and asked scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda to think of possible uses for it. The mud contains bacteria that feed on the human faeces, and Ikeda found that the bacteria themselves contained a lot of protein. That discovery led Ikeda to the next logical step — synthesizing the protein and adding soya and other additives to make the “meat” taste just like beef. The process is explained in detail below.

If you have trouble believing this shit, you’re not alone. YouTuber user Gimmeaflakeman has some concerns about the validity of the video.

What are your thoughts? If push comes to shove, would you eat a turd burger?

[via Huffington Post]

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Terry Crews Adds Absurdity to Old Spice

Of late I’ve been loving the Old Spice ads. The Manmercials were hilariously funny and totally convinced me that men shouldn’t smell like sunsets and baby powder. A man on a horse told me that.

The latest ads for Old Spice’s new Odor Blocker body wash are equally funny, but with added absurdity care of muscle-bound actor Terry Crews (The Expendables, Everybody Hates Chris). Crews waxes lyrical about the product amid talking abdominals, building kicks, and Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-power!

Check out all the LOLworthy ads after the jump.

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Disco, Star Wars, and Sea Chicken!

Disco, Star Wars, and sea chicken. It’s an unlikely combination to the majority us, but certainly not to the Japanese, who as we know are clinically insane. In this 1978 spot for Hagoromo, the Star Wars posse do a little dance to shill what I assume to be canned tuna fish. It’s quite odd. See it below.

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Boldy Going Where No Train Has Gone Before…

…Under the skirt of a school girl. Another classic WTF moment brought to you by the Japanese.

– via Gizmodo.