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Kung Fury Is Now Kicking Butt on YouTube

Kung Fury is one of those things that I’m sure started as one hell of a joke, and just gained life of its own accord because of just how awesome the entire concept felt. It started as a trailer looking for Kickstarter funding–which it received and then some, but still falling short of the funds needed to pay for an full length feature film.

The entire film is a homage to cheesy 80s action flicks, and director David Sandberg also plays lead character, Kung Fury. Some scenes even look as if the entire film is being played back on an old VHS machine. Oh the memories! To top off the cheesiness, the film has a theme song by Mr Knight Rider himself, David Hasselhoff, titled “True Survivor“. The theme song vid on YouTube has well over 10 million views already, so I guess you can consider it popular? Watch the film after the jump and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Animal Kingdom Entertainment Humor Video Clips

David Attenborough’s Observations on The Fangirl

I don’t need to say much, except that this is fairly spot on, even if the animals in the video aren’t necessarily the animals that Sir Attenborough started out discussing.

[via Geeks are Sexy]

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People Are Awesome 2013

If there’s anything for making you feel well and decently inadequate, then it’s watching videos of people doing awesome things. Let’s get you feeling properly down by showing almost five minutes of loads of people doing amazing stuff, shall we? The video was uploaded by a band member of the group Hadouken, so naturally the it features a track of theirs as well, called “Levitate”. The music is awesome, the people are awesome, and they can all do things you can’t. Feel good, now?

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Gotye’s “Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra” Remix

In an attempt similar to Luc Bergeron’s “World Covers – Rolling In The Deep“, Australian singer-songwriter Gotye pays tribute to some of the YouTube covers and parodies that has brought his song “Somebody That I Used to Know” such success.

The artists says this about his supercut:

Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of Somebody That I Used To Know seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered.

You may be tired of this sickness, but have a look and listen to Gotye’s Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra. It’s really quite good.

A list of the original videos uses in Gotye’s remix can be found on his website.

[va Rolling Stone]

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

Zef in YouTube Play’s Top 25 Creative Videos

Video-sharing website YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in New York have collaborated to bring a biennial of creative video. It’s called YouTube “Play” because anyone can do it regardless of background, education, experience, or wealth. They called out for online artists to send in their works and were flooded with a staggering 23,300 videos, submitted from 91 countries around the world.

After some deliberation, a jury of 13 people picked the 25 top videos for the Play exhibition, including two you might have seen on the blog before – Bathtub IV and Synthesia. Rymdreglage’s most excellent 8-Bit Trip got into the shortlist of 125 videos but sadly didn’t make the final list.

You may or may not be happy to know a local rave-rappers Die Antwoord have made the cut. Having toured the US, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, and becoming a global phenomenon, Waddy Jones and his crass, white trash alter-ego Ninja has been featured in the top 25 for Zef Side, the video that launched Die Antwoord towards Internet stardom.

Have a look at the shortlisted videos and the jury selections at YouTube Play.

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Empire’s Fifty Best YouTube Movie Trailer Mashups

From recut TV title sequences to entire movie trailers, mashups are becoming an art form, and Empire Magazine has scoured the Interwebs to compile a list of the fifty best YouTube movie trailer mashups. Have a look at some of them below.

Double-0 Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite meets Quantum of Solace

Matrix Club
The Matrix meets Fight Club

Kill Beast
Beauty And The Beast meets Kill Bill

Watchmen Parod-E
Wall-E meets The Watchmen

Star Hour
Return Of The Jedi meets Rush Hour

The full list can be found at Empire.

[via The Awesomer]

Mindlessness Video Clips

YouTube Goes 3D

This past weekend, I went to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D at a local cinema. Not a drop of alcohol had touched my lips that day so the movie was mediocre at best.I wasn’t completely wowed by the 3D effects either BUT I did keep the 3D glasses because I look hot in them there might come a time when YouTube goes 3D. I said that as a joke but it turns out that the video sharing site is doing just that. For realsies.

For each 3D video, you’ll note a View Style drop-down list with different options for the glasses you might have. If you don’t happen to possess a pair of 3D glasses, you can select the cross-eyed option for example, and then squint you eyes to achieve the desired effect. Apparently some people can get it right, others are just spastic at it.

At this minute the 3D videos can’t be embedded so you’ll need to go directly to YouTube to view them, so try this. Maybe this. And possibly this. Did I mention this? ;-)

And here are some tips for making your own 3D videos.

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Arty Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Featured Video Clips

Reach: An Endearing Short Film

Organized by the Festival de Cannes and in its fifth year, the Short Film Corner is a 10-day forum for short filmmakers from around the world to showcase their short films to potential buyers and festival programmers.

Reach is one such short film, and is one of 10 finalists in the National Film Board of Canada’s online competition at this year’s Short Film Corner. Created by Australian animator Luke Randall, Reach tells the story of a tiny robot who wants to experience the outside world but a limitation is holding it back. I don’t think I need to tell you about the symbolism here.

It’s wonderfully animated, check it out.

The films from all 10 finalists are on YouTube. Internet votes will decide the best film, so vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced May 21st, 2009.

[via Laughing Squid]

Awesomeness Entertainment Video Clips

Natalie Tran: YouTube Superstar

My experience with YouTube is like one-way traffic – I usually drop in to watch a blooper video or tune, and that’s about it. I never really noticed the vloggers – the video bloggers who spend much more time on YouTube, posting response videos, and generally rambling at their low-res web cam. The other day, Onelargeprawn reader Macross posted on the PS3ZA forums about Natalie Tran, a 22-year old Vietnamese Australian student whose understated, self-deprecating humour has made her one of the most celebrated vloggers on YouTube.

Natalie’s videos are usually short skits in which she plays every character, and she chats candidly to the camera between each skit. She’s natually funny and the video are very entertaining, so it’s no surprise that her YouTube channel has over 10 million views.

Here are a couple of her skits:

Makeup like a Celeb in 1 Minute

The “We Just Touched Awkwardly” Song

But I Can Dance!

See more at her YouTube channel.