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Go Captain Cheadle!

I’m a big fan or Funny or Die as they always seem to have some real funny viral videos. Here’s the latest.

If you’re a child of the 80s, as I am, then you must remember “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”. It was an animated show that attempted to bring climate change and environmental awareness to youngsters. While it did wake kids up to recycling and caring for the planet, it wasn’t very cool and really, you hated the kids and the mullet-wearing Captain.

So when Funny or Die produced Don Cheadle as the new Captain (Cap, we’re assuming was a white guy), we knew it was going to be hilarious. Please be advised the sketch does contain salty language.

[via Funny or Die]


Reddit Meets Tom Swifty

I love puns. In my ever-so-humble opinion, a well-formed pun can be regarded as one of the highest, most fantastically funny forms of wit. A very specific, reasonably old subset of puns, called the Tom Swifty, has made a funny resurgence at Reddit. Some of the funniest ones in the thread include the thread title:

“I think I have split personalities,” said Steve, being frank.

And a few more:

  • “I ALREADY TOLD YOU. I’M NOT DROWNING!!!” said Tom, deep in denial.
  • “I lost my bouquet,” said Tom lackadaisically.
  • “I manufacture table tops,” said Tom counterproductively.
  • “They had to amputate them both at the ankles,” said Tom, defeated.
  • “I think I might be gay,” said Tom, half in earnest.
  • “They escorted the criminals downstairs,” Tom said condescendingly.
  • “I don’t rub my feet on the carpet anymore,” Tom said ecstatically.
  • “Please help! My left ventricle is collapsing,” said Tom halfheartedly.
  • “Who discovered radium?” asked Marie curiously.

See the full thread on Reddit. There are just way too many to list! Here’s my own little contribution:

“I just said something about this blog post,” Tom commented.

Think of your own one? Let us know in the comments!