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Little People in Big London

If you’re walking the streets of London, keep an eye out for little people – not freakish dwarves or midgets –  but really little people. UK street artist and photographer Slinkachu creates one-inch tall plastic figures (the little people) which he then places in a London city scene, photographs them, and leaves them to fend for themselves.

My ‘Little People Project’ started in 2006. It involves the remodelling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which I then place and leave on the street. It is both a street art installation project and a photography project. The street-based side of my work plays with the notion of surprise and I aim to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings. The scenes I set up, more evident through the photography, and the titles I give these scenes aim to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city, almost being lost and overwhelmed. But underneath this, there is always some humour. I want people to be able to emphasise with the tiny people in my works.

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Last Chance To Impress

Antscape Painting

Bad Road

Quiet Sunday

See more of the little people at – via A Welsh View.

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