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Is ignorance our master?

Dalai Lama

I don’t know about you dear Readers, but I’m not feeling particularly proud of the beloved country this week. I mean we have friends and relatives fleeing the country left right and centre for the “greener” pastures of Europe and the Antipodes, but we decided that we actually like it here, and we’re going to stay. For the past few mornings however, I’ve felt like leaving the house with a paper bag on my nationality.

I know that the Dalai Lama says to be kind whenever possible, but I just cannot be kind in my mind when I think about the fact that nasty neighbour (and mass murdered) Bob Mugabe is permitted to come and go in South Africa as he pleases, while one of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders (a darling peaceful little old man with spectacles, yellow robes, and a Nobel Peace Prize) the Dalai Lama is denied a visa. And it’s all for the love of China (well trade with China really). Yes, China. The same China that is responsible for huge job losses in South Africa, particularly in the textile industry. The same China that annexed Tibet, exiled the Dalai Lama, and built casinos and supermarkets on ancient sacred ground. The same China that continues to violate human rights, and environmental laws on a daily basis. It’s just great. And did you know that there are only two countries in the whole world into which the Dalai Lama is denied entry? Yup you guessed it – China and South Africa.

I won’t lie to you, I’m starting to feel a little afraid about this whole China and South Africa against the rest of the world thing. There’s an old Croatian saying that goes something like “if you lie down with a dragon, you’ll wake up with third degree burns all over your body and face, and your nylon underwear will be welded to your bum forever”. I just hope our respected leaders know what they’re up to. Anyway this rant of mine has gotten a little long, and depressing, so if you want a lighter version of the story, check out this gem on the brilliant

And to read more about the man whose religion is kindness, click here.

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It boils down to economics.

SA makes money in and from ZIM and China.

Last time I checked Yak Butter was not that a common a thing in PicknPay…

Money talks and freedom hides somewhere under the blankets.

Sad but true. If Tibet ordered some G5 and G6 weapon systems, and produced cheap clothing etc, The Gov would be a lot nicer to the DL…

I’m quite disgusted by this.
I can’t begin to explain how I truly feel.
How the eff do you deny entry to the worlds most peaceful man? I’d welcome him into my home with open arms…

Apparently the Fifa world cup 2010 is too important, and that is why his visa was denied.

Now i am sure Madiba fought his battles to bring the ANC into power … so that they can make these decissions.

Where a world cup of soccer is more important than hosting, the worlds most peacefull person !

I will gladly pull a ZAP at our countries leaders for the Dalai Lama

@j4nr1k – Yeah I know you’re totally right, it is all about money. I guess that I just wish it could be different. Oh and I hear yak butter is not very yummy so I’m pretty glad it’s not sold at PnP because knowing the peeps I live with, we would have had to try it.

@LINk$ – I really really hope that one day things will be different – what’s wrong with a little peace and understanding? It’s a sad day for South Africa.

I would love to know what Nelson Mandela’s reaction to this news is. This would not have happened when he was the leader.

It is disgraceful.

@bokka1 – I’m sure that Madiba is as dissapointed as all of us, perhaps more so considering he met the Dalai Lama in person in 1996 when he did in fact visit SA. I saw Mandla Mandela on the news yesterday, and he is outraged by the situation, and has lashed out at the ANC government for their action. Desmond Tutu and FW de Klerk have also spoken out in support of the Dalai Lama.

I too am sure Mandela is furious about the ban, his grandson definitely is. Considering that South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world, this is a very poor show. It’s these kinds of actions that people use to judge a country, not whether it can successfully host a fucking soccer world cup.

Archbishop Tutu, and FW de Klerk have already pulled out of the peace conference which has now been postponed.

The Chinese overlords are apparently very happy with the SA government stance, saying “All countries should respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity… and oppose Tibetan independence.”


I think ignorance is indeed our master.
While this has little to do with South Africa’s reasons for not permitting the Dalai Lama entry, the truth about Tibet and it’s perceived shangri-la pre-1959 Chinese invasion is horribly misguided.

While the western world has proclaimed the Dalai lama as a beacon of peace and harmony, the truth is very removed from that perception. Tibet was a theocracy, ruled by one man, the Dalai Lama. A small bit of research into it’s past reveal that he was nothing more than a theocritical dictator, and that his “people” were slaves under a rule of serfdom.

While I urge you to do your own research, I start you off with this piece by Michael Parenti, acclaimed political analyst :