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Take The Face Memory Test

I have trouble remembering names, and cover it up by telling people that I never forget a face. I haven’t had to test that theory, until now. The BBC has a face memory test up on their website to determine how good you are at remembering things. It’s composed of three parts, and at the end of it, you are scored on two things – how well you remembered the photos you were presented with (this tests your recognition memory),  and how well you matched the photos to the section they were taken from (this tests your ‘temporal’ memory).

Sleep scientists say that your recognition memory isn’t affected by sleep loss, whereas your temporal memory is. I went to sleep at 1:41 this morning (thank you Batman: Arkham Asylum) and my test results seems to prove that theory – recognition score: 95%, temporal memory score: 82%.

Take the face memory test and drop us a comment with your scores.

[via Plime | Image credit: “Electronic Faces” by Anton van Dalen]

6 replies on “Take The Face Memory Test”

i got 100% recognition, 66% temporal. yikes. guess that’s why i’m always saying “where do i know you from?” :]

Recognition 100% Temporal memory 91%
Damn – so all those deja vus aren’t really deja vu after all. How disappointing :devil: