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Star Wars Uncut: The Fan-Made Trailer

Thanks to Casey Pugh, you’ll soon see Star Wars: A New Hope in a completely different light. Pugh’s project Star Wars Uncut aims to recreate the iconic film by chopping it up into into 15-second scenes and asking fans from around the world to remake those scenes. At the end of the project, Pugh will stitch the scenes back together and make the geektastic film available for viewing.

The force is certainly strong with the fan, so much so that the trailer for Star Wars Uncut has just been released. Have a look at it after the jump.

Wasn’t that just fan-tastic? When Pugh launched the site, all the scenes were snapped up in three days but he has changed it to allow more than one submission for each segment of the film. Once the project is complete he aims to get people vote for the best version of each scene.

The re-imagining is certainly going to be epic and you can be a part of it – at the time of this writing, there are still 161 scenes that need to be claimed – so head over to Star Wars Uncut and get involved.

[via Asylum UK]

UPDATE: A teaser for Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope has been released. It’s called The Escape and full of LEGO, dolls, and paper craft goodness. Check it out.

The full version of the movie will be aired at the CPH PIX film festival in Copenhagen on April 19th.

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This might just be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Oh my word, does that make me an uber geek? I don’t care. This still rocks. :D