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This is Beautiful: My Father’s Garden

We had a garden once. And then came the two terrors, Big Min and Lil’ Pun, who decided to re-decorate it for us by digging up the soil and gleefully eating the succulents. I would have severely disciplined them if not for the fact that they’re so very cute. Yes I know, I have a soft touch. But you didn’t visit to hear about my appendages.

Mirko Faienza, a cameraman from Italy, decided to document his father’s front garden and the insects that call it home. It’s an amazing little world made that much better by Mirko’s spectacular videography. The music is great too, it’s a truly beautiful piece. See My Father’s Garden below or watch it in HD on Vimeo.

He created the short film with his Panasonic 500 camcorder and an HD lens. See more of Mirko’s work on his website.

[via Laughing Squid]