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To the MAX: Texo Launches New Service

Credit where credit is due. My mom once told me that, right after she walloped me for throwing a rock at my older brother. It’s not like he did anything wrong, I just felt like throwing something at someone and he was close. I was like that but I’m better now in case you’re wondering ;-)

But it is not of bad things that I write to you today, quite the opposite. In late 2008, I decided to start my own blog and needed to find a hosting company that the blog would call home. I happened upon local Cape Town company, Texo. I guess I am lucky that I didn’t have gone through a series of hosting companies to eventually find one suitable to my needs. In that respect, I can’t really compare them to others, but I can tell you that the service I received (and still continue to get) from Texo has been absolutely fantastic. I have a talent for breaking things on the blog and throughout the variety of “Arrrgh! I nerfed it. Haaaaaalp!” e-mails that I have exchanged with Texo’s tech magician Steve, he has been nothing but patient, friendly, and helpful. They really do stick to their motto, “Your website means everything to us!”

I owe Steve a big bag of thanks for all his efforts and I think a small way of showing that appreciation is by telling you about the new service that Texo has just launched – WordPress MAX. The Onelargeprawn blog is on it right now and MAX provides the benefits of super-fast, optimized hosting for your WordPress blog at an affordable price. The main advantages that come part of MAX include:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Use of the Akamai Content Distribution Network
  • Access to Texo’s Premium Theme Library

I am particularly happy to see the addition of the theme library – finding a theme to suit one’s blog is not necessarily the easiest thing, and every MAX customer will be able to use any of the professionally-made themes from WooThemes, free of charge.

I have only covered the bare necessities but if you are thinking of starting up a blog and need a host, I thoroughly recommend Texo and their WordPress MAX offering. If you’d like to read more about it, visit Texo for further details.

Incidentally Onelargeprawn is a Texo affiliate so if you would like to purchase hosting from them, please do use our affiliate link. In time we’ll have enough money to buy quality beers and breath mints. Thanks ever so much. :beer: