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Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man

Whenever I’m at work, I try my best to keep my nose down and avoid being noticed. I purportedly have the demeanor of a terrorist suffering from IBS so that exercise has proved difficult. If there was ever a person I’d look to for advice, it’d be Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who has made a name for himself for being invisible.

Often times Bolin poses for up to 10 hours while his collaborators paint his disguise to blend in with the surroundings. It works so well that passers-by aren’t aware of his presence until he moves. Bolin says his work is a protest in defiance of the Chinese government who shut down an artist village in 2006.

His urban camouflage art entitled Hiding in the City can be seen after the jump.

I don’t know about you but that bulldozer image foxed me for a bit.

[thanks for the tip Cloud_Ratha]

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Yeah I’ve seen some of these before – they’re done really well – the bulldozer pic took me a little while too. I think that one and the one of him in front of the bird’s nest stadium are done the best.

LOL! The ultimate in camoflage! now, if only it didn’t take a couple hours, and a bunch of paint, and you don’t have to stand still!
Very well done. and he has TOOO much time on his hands!

Thanks for picking this up Cloud_Ratha. I thought you were going to blog it but one assumes you have not left the loving embrace of your PS3…?

:cry: BFBC2 has had me in its arms for the last few weeks.
But rest assured ill be back! Now if only there wasn’t work to do :struggle:

From the number of people who picked up Bad Company 2 at the Incredible Connection sale it’s looks like you might have an influx of noobs to kill.

his really good hey but the feet give it away all the time , he needs to do something about his shoes that is the biggest give away…