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POV: Yamaha R1 Moscow Run

As much as it irritates motorists here, stripe-riding is not illegal in South Africa. I believe the same goes in Russia as seen in this POV clip of a Yahama R1 rider on a reckless trip on a streets of Moscow. Naturally we don’t condone this nutter’s dangerous behaviour but it looks bloody exhilarating.

[via The Daily What]

6 replies on “POV: Yamaha R1 Moscow Run”

Always wondered why stripe riding annoys people, is it just because you realise that you should have bought a bike instead of a car?

You can only do it in SA if it is safe to do so but as with most road rules in SA that’s not always the case

I think it’s a bit of both Gavin, being stuck in gridlocked traffic while motorcycles whizz by down the middle, sometimes harrowingly close to your car.

How are motorists in Australia?