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Welcome to Mikroworld

The works of artist Sam Buxton really do stand out. He creates fantastic little dioramas from a flat sheet of thin stainless steel. The laser-cut designs can be folded up and out to reveal an intricate, miniature scene. His Mikroworld series contains lush gardens, work spaces, and even a trip to the moon, and the attention to detail in each piece is quite amazing.

Each of the designs is packed flat and comes with instructions that enable you to erect it. Have a look at some of his distinctive fold-up metal structures after the jump.

See more of Buxton’s work at Mikroworld and his products can be purchased at Mikromart.


2 replies on “Welcome to Mikroworld”

They’re awesome aren’t they? The simpler fold-out structures are affordable at 7.00 pounds. The cube versions, which I like the best, are 25 pounds though.