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Onelargeprawn Turns Two!

If there is one decent trait about me, I’d like to think it is that I am consistent. You can depend on me to perpetually bore Lucy Furr about all things Android and to be continually grumpy with work colleagues. I’m also consistent when it comes to forgetting things.

Last year, on this very same date, I thought this humble blog turned one, only to find out it had happen the day before. As expected, I’ve done it again. Onelargeprawn turned two, yesterday. It’s been a pretty tough year and I haven’t always been able to blog as much as I would have liked. A few of our friends offered to help out here and there so I’d like to thank contributors Macross, Easy, Cloud_Ratha, and GoDsGiMp for taking the time to create fantastic content for us. And of course, a hearty thanks go out to you, dear reader, for visiting, interacting with us in the comments, and sharing our content on Twitter and Facebook. It’s your support that keeps the blog running – please click the Google Ads if you get a chance, it pays for the beers and breath mints we love so very much.

Aside from the blog, a very special pet of ours is celebrating her very first birthday today, our most wonderful and zany whippet, Panya. She has been through quite a bit this year and it’s been mostly my shoes and video game controllers. For her birthday, she asked us to make her a party hat and take a photo of her. We obliged, and couldn’t help but share it with you.

And here is our fox terrier cross, Mina, looking decidedly miserable in her party hat.

On behalf of Panya, Mina and all of us at Onelargeprawn we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support these last two years – things just wouldn’t be same without you. Happy holidays to those of you en vacance already, good luck with the Christmas shopping ’cause you’ll need it – the malls are crazy already, and if you’re working through the holidays we feel your pain.

:rainbow: Double Rainbows for you all! :rainbow:

PS: If you’ve visited the blog before you may have seen Panya in episodes of Who Let The Dogs Out. In case you hadn’t, you can find a few of my favourite shots of her after the jump.

7 replies on “Onelargeprawn Turns Two!”

(Wipes tear away from eye) 2 years already. Just checked on Friday and saw it has been a year for me, since my first post.
Cannot thank you enuff for allowing me to play with you guys on the blog.

Here’s to 2011 :hugright:

I’ve been greatly entertained by your posts, thanks for taking the time to write them for us. If you’re ever in Cape Town, do let me know, prawny will certainly buy you a :beer: or :beer: :beer: :beer: