We have a winner in our Mercury Hg Competition!

We have a winner! Our judges sat and deliberated the answers we got. Sat for DAYS, cloistered in a top secret room at Prawn Central HQ, arguing the various merits of each answer, deciding on a wittiness score, thoroughly perusing each word in each answer over. It nearly came to knives and swords, and in the proceedings, we almost lost one of our judges (Lord Nigiri, which ordinarily wouldn’t have been too great a loss, but he also serves as Custodian of the Shiny Things, which is a very important post). Still, the judges wouldn’t leave the room until they chose a winner. Chosen a single winner they have done; it’s a sad pity we can’t choose everyone!

Congratulations to Oethman, for his comment: “for me it has to be number 18 Argon. Why – The name argon is derived from the Greek word αργον meaning lazy or “the inactive one” , and you have to love that right?”

Your XBLA code for Mercury Hg is on its way to you via Royal Prawn Express Mail as you are reading this! Well done, and we hope you enjoy the game!

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