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Bruce Lee as Spider-Man?

With the number of superhero movies that we have watched and the ones that are on the way, we all have had our opinions on the casting. What if they cast Leo DiCaprio as Peter Parker or what if they killed the person before they cast Halle Berry as Catwoman?

Anyways while¬†cruising¬†the interweb, looking for “what ifs” on casting, I stumbled on Alex Tuis’ blog. He had some ideas of his own and illustrated his fantasy casting with his digital paintbrush.

Take a look and let us know who you feel should have played your favourite superhero.

[via Alex Tuis]

9 replies on “Bruce Lee as Spider-Man?”

Not exactly superhero/comic related, but I always pictured Jason Statham as Tobias Rieper/Agent 47/Hitman. That Oliphant dude did not do it for me. God, even Vin Diesel would have done a better job than he did.

I agree with you there, Oliphant didnt do it justice. But that film was flawed anyway. Statham’s thick accent is an issue though.

The accent may be an issue, but ad-libbing the original voice actor over his voice would be an easy fix. Either that or extensive vocal training to alter his accent ever so slightly. I realised that Statham has this British Cockney accent, but it’s still British nonetheless, and as you know 47 also has a fairly British accent. If some American actors can alter their accents to sounds like slightly different Americans, then surely a British national can alter his accent to slightly different British accent. Think about it.

Of course if they did all that, sure he could. But I think part of Statham’s charm is that accent. Like MyCocaine (Michael Caine) his accent is what makes him stand apart from the rest. And we’d be hard pressed to find a superhero that we wouldn’t wanna have die, with that cockney accent.

Well, Hollywood isn’t exactly known for reproducing adaptations exactly 1:1, and moviegoers aren’t exactly known to complain about something like this if it’s one of their favourite actors playing the role.

True. Maybe if he played a character like “Cole” from the InFamous game. Character that’s not as well known or mainstream.

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