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Almost Every Futurama Character in One Colossal Image

Good news everyone! DeviantART user Unrellius spent the better part of a year creating a monumental cast image for one of the greatest cartoons ever made. The vast 5056×3576 pixel imagine contains just about every character from the 140 episodes that aired over the seven seasons of Futurama.


See the full image on DeviantART. If you have as many eyes as the Purple fruit snake from Vergon 6, you may just be able to spot Waldo.

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2 replies on “Almost Every Futurama Character in One Colossal Image”

Man I miss that show.

I think it would have done much better if Comedy Central hadn’t made the disastrous decision to spread the final two seasons out over four years essentially making them four half seasons.

So Netflix, how about another revival? I’d binge watch the crap out of this show.

Yeah, it got a little wonky towards the end but I was glad just to have more.

We’ll cross fingers for Netflix. Arrested Development found new life there, although it wasn’t as funny as the what had come before.

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