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These Carnivorous Robots are Powered by Bugs

The day you thought would never come has, erm, come. No it’s not free Internet for Africa, or nekkid Megan Fox photos, rather a series of robots that can consume flesh and live off it.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have created a series of robots that ensnare hapless insects and digest their remains to power themselves.

In this flycatcher/timepiece, the device possesses a sticky roller to trap insects and transports them to the microbial fuel cell. Bacteria within the sell digests the insects and produces energy to run the clock and keep the roller moving.

See two more robots after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Gadgets

Dog ‘O’ Matic: Washes Your Pooch

Doing the laundry is a drag and thus washing machines were invented. It appears that washing one’s household pet has become a chore as well, so a French Entrepreneur Romain Jerry has created the Dog ‘O’ Matic, an automated dog-washing machine. The wash takes 30 minutes in total – 5 minutes for the wash, and 25 minutes for drying the animal. Apparently it is rare for dogs to get agitated during the wash, but if this becomes the case, the door can easily be opened at any time during the wash.

I foresee a whole bunch of dog-washing launderettes opening up. I also imagine certain tweaks that can be applied – for our “dog-as-food” cousins across the seas, it can be renamed to the Dog ‘O’ Roast – 5 minutes to de-hair the dog, and 25 minutes to roast it to perfection ;-)

[via iBored]

Cautionary Tales Gadgets Science & Technology

Aussie Artist Has Ear Grafted Onto Left Arm

It appears this Cypriot-born Australian man isn’t your average performance artist. The Telegraph reports that the unconventional Mr Stelios Arcadiou, going under the stage name Stelarc, believes that the human body has become obsolete, and his latest work aims to make physical enhancements to the body through technology.

And if the title didn’t give it away, the 62-year old has an ear implanted in his left forearm. Apparently the appendage was grown in a laboratory from stem cells and considering plastic surgeons do not perform clinically unnecessary surgeries, it took him 10 years to find one willing to perform the procedure.

That extra ear is not merely for decoration. Once it has fully developed he wants a install to install a microphone and a bluetooth transmitter in the ear so that people can go online and listen to what it is hearing.

“If you telephone me on your mobile phone I could speak to you through my ear,” he explains, “But I would hear your voice ‘inside’ my head. If I keep my mouth closed only I will be able to hear your voice.”

He adds: “This additional and enabled EAR ON ARM effectively becomes an internet organ for the body.”

Crazy shit. If you wanted to graft a part of your body onto your arm, what would it be? Drop us a comment.

Animal Kingdom Gadgets

Squirrel-Blasting Device Ignites Controversy

If you have a rodent problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find it, maybe you can buy… The Rodenator Pro.

The Rodenator Pro is the solution to your rodent problem. Described as safe for the environment and “humane”, it works by pumping a controlled mixture of propane and oxygen into the tunnels of unassuming squirrels, and then sending an electric spark that causes an explosion. Apparently the shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels.

The local Humane Society of Spokane, Washington are not so thrilled about the idea, calling the explosions unethical and cruel. I bet the homeless are pretty happy though, roasted squirrel must taste great after a day of dumpster-diving.

See the Rodenator Pro in action below. Warning: Squirrels were harmed during the making of this video.

The full story is at The Huffington Post.

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Tweenbots: A Cute Social Experiment

NYU arts student Kacie Kinzer created the Tweenbot as part of an art experiment. The bot was made out of cardboard, had a beaming smile, and a flag plonked on its head told people of its intended destination. She placed the bot in Washington Square Park and wondered:

Could a human-like object traverse sidewalks and streets along with us, and in so doing, create a narrative about our relationship to space and our willingness to interact with what we find in it? More importantly, how could our actions be seen within a larger context of human connection that emerges from the complexity of the city itself?

In New York, one might have expected the smiley-faced bot to ignored, stabbed, or reported as a suspicious “terrorist object”, but its journey completed without any heinous acts being committed to it. Pedestrians stopped to help the little guy get past the various obstacles it faced in the park.

Here’s a video of the experiment:

More about the adorable bot’s intrepid journey at Tweenbots [via Huffington Post]

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M&G Poll Predictor

This is the new cool toy from the M&G Online – take a quiz and the M&G will tell you which party to vote for.

It isn’t all that accurate because the questions aren’t weighted, but it’s fun, and will give you a general idea of how well a party’s policy aligns with your beliefs.

Editors note: Go to the vote predictor or click here.

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Wooden Firepower: The Jenga Pistol

Sometimes I push it in a little too far and other times I’m told I need to poke it a little harder. Get your mind out the gutter, we are obviously talking about Jenga here. And woodwork inventor Matthas Wandel is ready to take the game out of the stone ages with the Jenga Pistol. Made of wood, the pistol has a rubber band mechanism that shoots a bolt through the pistol and into the block. Click play to see it in action.

And head to Woodgears for instructions on how to build your own – via I Heart Chaos.

Gadgets Weirdness

Fun Shapes With Poopy Time

Make the act of visiting the toilet a happy, unique experience. With Poopy Time, you (or your children if you feel like sharing) can poop out stars and hearts  instead of the traditional logs you’re used to flushing. It’s a great gadget save for the fact that I don’t fancy sticking a piece of plastic up my ass (again).

– via deleteyourself.

Gadgets Inspirational Designs

Eyeclock: You Looking At Me, Punk?

Last week we featured the eco-friendly Timeless Garden concept clock and in keeping with the idea of unique concepts, we bring you the minimalistic Eyeclock by Mike Mak, where the two eyes do the job of telling the time.

– via We Just Like It.

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“Immaculate” Concept Makes Prostethics Sexy

With his concept entitled Immaculate, designer Hans Alexander Huseklepp explores new possibilities for prosthetic devices, where they become both functional and fashionable. Immaculate is clad in Corian plates and functions as a neurological prosthetic, connecting directly to the wearer’s central nervous system. It also features two globe joints allowing for more flexibility than a human arm would have.

Might this concept be the future of prosthetics? I can easily imagine a world where normal arms are hacked off and replaced with sexier Immaculates. I’d rather keep my arms  (I’m quite attached to them) and have a couple of these buggers grafted on, Doctor Octopus style ;)

Read more about Immaculate at playmedesign.