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Entering The Stronghold

Entering The Stronghold is also known by its other, more factual name, 7 billion particles per frame.

Created by German visuall effects artist Matthias Müller, it is reported that each frame this audio visual animation actually contains seven billion particles. Be amazed! I know I am, but then again it is late in the night, I’m a litle drunk, and easily impressed. The trippy visuals are complemented by a stirring soundtrack by film music composer, Denny Schneidemesser.

[via Wimp]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

7 Billion is a Big Number

The number of people living on Earth is expected to exceed the seven billion mark in 2011. To commemorate that frightening fact, National Geographic Magazine created this little animated infographic that shows the increase of the world’s population during the ages, the current stats, and what staggering numbers we could see in the future. It’s very interesting, check out 7 Billion below.

[via PS3ZA]