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Hybrid Hijinks

Animal hybrids go way back in time. For example, the history of Ligers (a cross between a lion and a tiger) and zeedonks (a zebra-and-donkey combination) dates back to early 19th century. Dirds, however, are a entirely new invention courtesy of the Internet’s most mad scientists.

In a spot of hybrid hijinks, bird bodies and dog heads are being put together in a rather amusing way. Have a look at a small collection of Dirds after the jump.

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Beautiful Bird Photography by John&Fish

Ornithology…it’s for the birds. John&Fish are a brother and sister team from Taipei City, Taiwan and since 2005, the duo have been keen bird photographers. They travel together, snapping photos of the wonderfully colourful birds that inhabit different areas of their home island. They hope that their photographs look like paintings that inspire people to see the world and nature in a different way. Have a look at their beautiful bird photography after the jump.