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Lil Dicky Makes Epic Rap Video Without Spending Any Money

Boastful rap videos usually revolve around the rapper’s possessions and their lavish lifestyle. In $ave Dat Money, comedy rapper Lil Dicky creates the typically extravagant rap video with one exception: he didn’t spend any money making it. Lil Dicky (real name David Burd) begged and pleaded his way into wealthy mansions and night clubs to shoot the segments for his video. He was lent a Lamborghini and a yacht in exchange for publicity, and even re-cycled the music video set on which T-Pain recorded “Make That Shit Work”. There’s even an overly long but hilarious verse about being double charged for a coffee in a restaurant.

Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan join Lil Dicky in his attempt to $ave Dat Money. Check it out below.