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Do you wish you had the time to read something that is simultaneously intellectually-nourishing and entertaining – aside from this blog obviously? Well now you can read a novel on the internet while you’re at “work”.  And even better, it’s a novel in serial form, so those of you not accustomed to reading more than a few paragraphs at a time won’t wear yourselves out!

Many famous authors have been published in serial form in newspapers, albeit most of this crazy coolness went on in the Victorian era with writers like Charles Dickens. It was a great way for writers and readers to make the novel last years – rather like a soap opera but obviously way better. The has published a novel by author Alexander McCall Smith whose first book #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency reached the top of best seller lists around the world. McCall Smith’s Corduroy Mansions has been published as a daily novel in 100 parts, from the comments I read, it looks like a fun book. You can read and enjoy it here.